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SATOhara is an experiment in electronic music started by Siru Alexander Drawoh in February of 2011. The goals of the project are to create electronic music that tells stories within the melodies it weaves, and conjure a multitude of feelings from the listeners. SATOhara is known for incorporating orchestras into his work, often times blending synthesized sounds with symphonies, adding a unique spin to his sound.

It all started one night by accident. Playing with a new synth, Siru wrote the melodies that would eventually become his first song, "Anti-Social Anomaly", and launch the project. While initially a side-project, as well as a means to make a soundtrack to a book series he was writing at the time, SATOhara became a full project, gaining his complete attention. With the change in focus, the album he was writing, "White Noise", became the unreleased "Distance in Darkness" EP, forming the basis of what would later evolve into the signature sound his compositions now contain.

After many incidents happened to stifle his creative drive, Siru all but abandoned the project, leaving the status of his as of then unreleased debut in limbo. Two years passed without a release. Still dabbling in music, Siru found his old recordings, and began to remaster "Anti-Social Anomaly", but later found it best to remake the entire song. In doing so, his drive came back, and the re-release of "Anti-Social Anomaly" in a much higher quality signaled the rebirth of SATOhara, and paved the way for the creation and eventual release of "Distance in Darkness", now extended to become a full fledged album.

Through trial and adversity, SATOhara has grown. What started as a side-project is now the main focus of music production for Siru, and is his outlet for creative freedom. As he continues to create new music, his reach spreads, and he hopes to one day be heard around the world, and inspire people once like him into creating their own worlds.