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SD Elliott

SD Elliott, American artist (painter, illustrator, designer, composer)... His work has been displayed in bars, galleries, office buildings, and boudoirs throughout the world. What you probably didn't know about SD, however, is the fact that he was at one time the world's most ace pilot.

In 1999, SD was sent on a mission by the American government to pilot an experimental spacecraft to destroy "MasterBall" a heavily defended satellite that served as the hub for the Soviet war machine. He succeeded, of course, but his ship suffered immense damage in the process and Elliott was forced to initiated the cryogenic stasis pod. He drifted through space and time, awaiting rescue until the year 2456 when, by chance, Elliott's pod was recovered by a civilian researcher. She resurrected the 20th century hero from his deep slumber, and relying heavily on Elliott's genius level intellect, was finally able to bring the time portal to life that she had been developing passionately her entire life. In honor of his special circumstance, the first use of this portal was granted to Elliott so he could return to his own time. Elliott surprised everyone, however, when he instead chose to send a single compact disc containing his compositions from the future, and a note which read: JUST A DREAM WE HAD.