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Sabrina Agosto

The Duo

The artistic collaboration of Sabrina Agosto and Vanessa Ruggeri was born from the desire to deeply and attentively explore some of the vast repertoire of music for flute and piano. The first phase, which began in 2004, focused on a prolific French period of the early twentieth century. The duo studied the music of Debussy, Durey, Boulanger, Ibert and other authors for some years, until they found the music of Charles T. Griffes, an American composer considered very close to the current French musical Impressionists.
Inspired by the magical music of Griffes, they explored further, coming into contact with the music of composers across the Atlantic such as Copland, Barber and Burton. At this point arose the desire to document this musical research, and the CD Amazing Beauty came into being.

Sabrina Agosto: flute

A classically trained flautist, Sabrina's musical development encompasses a rich mobility of thought and references. Her sensitive timbre and sonorous notes bring elegance and character to diverse spheres, with a versatility that reaches from classical to contemporary music.
Sabrina studied with Marianne Fischer at the C. Pollens Conservatory, Padua, earning her diploma in Transverse Flute in 1992. She also received a diploma after studying with Raymond Guiot at the Italian Flute Academy in Rome (AIF). Sabrina also deepened her knowledge of chamber music and honed her skills in teaching the instrument with Mathias Align, lecturer at the Musikhochschule in Karlsruhe, Germany.
In 2007 she graduated with a degree in Chamber Music at the F. A. Bonporti Conservatory in Trento, under the guidance of Giancarlo Guarino. Later, Sabrina studied Solo Flute with Antonella Dalla Benetta at the same conservatory, earning her diploma in 2011. She further enriched her training as a musician and teacher with such illuminaries as Renate Greiss, Piernarciso Masi, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Joao do Pife.
With her deep love for chamber music, Sabrina dedicated herself to enlarging her repertoire with various chamber music formations. Foremost is the Oneness Ensemble project, founded by Carlos da Costa Coelho, with which she has made several recordings. Together with the pianist Vanessa Ruggeri, she works on deepening the vast musical resources of the twentieth century for flute and piano. She has had many concerts in Italy and abroad, collaborating with both classical and jazz musicians.

Vanessa Ruggeri: piano

Vanessa Ruggeri earned her Piano Performance masters degree from the B. Marcello Conservatory of Music in Venice, under the tutelage of F. Zaccaria, graduating cum laude. After this she honed her skills as a soloist under Bruno Mezzena and Eugenio Bagnoli. As a chamber musician she was guided by talents such as Mathias Allin, Giancarlo Guarino, Piernarciso Masi, Enrico Bronzi and Antony Peiz. Throughout her concert career she won many scholarships and received awards in numerous piano competitions. Vanessa enriched her musical education through a Composition Studies course at the C. Pollini Conservatory of Music in Padua. She also continued to cultivate her classical studies, graduating with full marks cum laude at the Faculty of Classical Studies of the University of Padua. Her graduation thesis in Musical Philology was A Critical Edition of Giuseppe Tartini’s “Sei concerti Op.II”. For almost twenty years she has performed both as a soloist and in different chamber and orchestra groups; in particular she has devoted herself to a duo formed with flautist Sabrina Agosto. Presently, Vanessa combines her concert activities with teaching and musicological research. She is the author of many published articles, essays and reviews.