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Sal Close and the Solitary CrowdDon't Listen 2 Close!

I'm not good at giving a narrative---that's probably why I scream and yell a lot. My "music" is the result of many inarticulate hours, days, weeks, months and years... meaning I'm a less than productive person and it's just by chance that I got around to producin something...I can't defend it although you can bet I'll try and I'm always in attack mode on myself...I want to be seen and heard, but I'm nothin but a coward who fantasizes about taking risks (like most if not all cowards)... it's not because of any need to remain anonymous, that part may be there but it's more the complete opposite...just to restate---there is a lot of fantasy's encoded in the song and barely recognizable as myself...but I want to think of it as the secret truth...of course there is none, but we're all free to borrow on any given hold onto it, there are some things you just can't let go...when you do there's a powerful release, yes a powerful release...agony is the mundane end of real or unreal existence of so many lives, but if you're lucky some unintended result may occur or it may do exactly as originally intended and strike with about as much nuance as rounds discharged from a semi-automatic...with me it's never automatic--semi or otherwise...I don't enjoy wastin anybody's time, I'm too focused on wastin my own...well there's always lunch to look forward to for the workin and non-workin alike...

keep on workin it all you lazy mothers!

love, s.c. & s.c.