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Saline Grace

Ricardo Hoffmann, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of Saline Grace, was born in the eastern border town of Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, in 1975. In 1994 he founded his first band project, becoming two years later, in 1996, the avantgarde band Nobility Of Salt. In 1997 the band released a first demo tape, ‘The Evening Prayer’, and moved to London, playing numerous UK gigs which left appropriate traces on a further demo-tape, ‘Through Clouds And Thoughtful Years’, in 1998. At the beginning of 2000 and after three years’ residence in Britain, the band worked on their first album in Berlin, Germany, releasing ‘The Tremulous Sea’ a few months later. After releasing the EP ‘The Silent Ship’ in 2002, followed a further album release, called ‘Those Narrow Streets’, in 2004. Due to organisational reasons, this should be the last Nobility Of Salt album for the time being.

These developments paved the way for Saline Grace and in 2005 Ricardo Hoffmann began to work on material for the first Saline Grace album. On this occasion, he was supported by his wife and long-term bass player, Ines Hoffmann (née Pollok), who was born in 1976 in Frankfurt (Oder) as well. Joining the former band Nobility Of Salt in 1996, she has shared the musical trail, her fate as well as the inspirations with Ricardo Hoffmann until nowadays. Saline Grace released their gorgeous and critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Border Town Shades’, in September 2007.

In 2011, during the recording and mixing process for a further Saline Grace album, Ricardo Hoffmann made time for a short guest appearance, joining Hamburg-based band Dark Orange on their latest 2CD album ‘Horizont’. Along with Steven Burrows, a member of English cult band And Also The Trees, on bass, Ricardo Hoffmann contributed on additional guitars and piano. Whilst involved in the final work and video shootings for Saline Grace in 2012, he furthermore created his ‘Rising Stream Mix’ of the Dark Orange song ‘Traumwandler’ for ‘Interpretations’, the second CD of the same Dark Orange release; other remixes were made by artists like Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins, members of And Also The Trees and many more.

Distributed by cdbaby, the new Saline Grace album, ‘Fog Mountain’, has been released by Deeper Waters Records on 21st January 2013.


Saline Grace - Border Town Shades (CD 2007/DWRCD03)
Saline Grace - Fog Mountain (CD 2013/DWRCD04)


Dark Spy Compilation Vol. 17 (CD 2008/Dark Spy Magazine – Issue No. 23)
Mick Mercer - Music To Die For (Cherry Red Books 2009)
Dark Orange - Horizont (2CD 2012/KAL41)
Orkus! Compilation 87 (CD 2013/Orkus! No. 03 - March 2013)

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