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Scott F. Hall

Scott F. Hall is an artist working in multiple mediums: sound, music, instrument design, still images, video, and sculpture. He finds the initial inspiration to create his widely varied work through a personalized practice of sound art which ranges from the capture of field recordings to composing within the harmonious confines of twelve-tone music to producing sound in ways which are free from the shackles of tuning and time. Hall is Associate Professor in the School of Visual Arts & Design at the University of Central Florida.

"The sounds that Scott F. Hall lures from his various instruments and occasional field recordings resonate with a deeply internal, thoughtful sensibility. The intensity with which he creates, plays, and composes reveals a freedom of expression and ultimately a real pleasure in making sound. The artist always succeeds in focusing a listener's attention to the sounds created, the present moment, the instruments--in short, the act of listening. His explorations go beyond a definition of 'music' or 'song' and allow us to experience sound in a new way by providing a new context in which to hear it. There is a layering and a mystery, a manipulation of instruments and recorded sound, and a rock energy which allows the listener to expand our scope of what art can be as well as what music can be. Hall reveals his sound work slowly, patiently, and with great finesse."

--Peter Hayes, San Francisco Bay Area gallerist/artist

"Scott’s work in acoustic design combined with traditional fabrication techniques cross the disciplines of music and visual arts, creating a truly unique combination of sculpture and sound.”

--Charlie Abraham, Associate Director, School of Visual Arts & Design, University of Central Florida

"...Hall is a conceptualizer and inventor of musical instruments. Although a bassist and multi-instrumentalist since his teens in the late 1970s, Hall invented his unique "monobaribasitar" structure [mono-stringed baritone/bass guitar] recently--in 2012. He is, at present, the only player [first virtuoso] on this entirely new instrument form. Hall performs continuously for up to twenty minutes employing a two-handed tapping technique, his fingers on both hands working simultaneously as both percussive hammers and plucking picks. Though monophonic, the rapid-fire musical notes he produces convince listeners that polyphonic music is occurring: a broad range of emotional responses are evoked in listeners by chords laced throughout Hall's rhythmic fugues. The original compositions Hall produces on monobaribasitar are detailed, intricate, and pleasing to the ear of western music listeners: each note he plays, after all, can be found on any piano keyboard. Hall's performance is simultaneously minimal and maximal: through the most reductive means--a single fretless string--he succeeds in creating music equivalent in its complexity and detail to that of the Spanish classical guitar."

--excerpt from a press release