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Scott Noble

Scott Noble

Scott Noble is a guitarist, harmony vocalist, bassist and sound/recording engineer from the Cleveland, Ohio area. He quickly learned to play the guitar at age 15 and bass at 17. Well-versed in different genres, he first began playing rock and roll back in the 1980s.

After listening to many excellent blues, acoustic/folk, and country acts in the early 90s, his interest moved toward these other styles. Many genres move listeners on one emotional level or another: The deep emotional expression of a tasteful blues lick. The angelic harmonies of talented female folk artists. The solid groove laid down by a dynamic rhythm section. Country music from the heart with three-part harmony, steel guitar and Fender telecasters. Irish, German or Polka music where everyone is just having fun. While rock had its own expression, Scott outgrew it after getting out into the musical world. He then discovered his natural ability to hear, arrange and sing harmony.

In the 1990s, Scott was with several popular local country bands playing around the Cleveland, Lorain, and Akron, Ohio area. Most notable were Stillwater (Lorain, 1994 – 98), and Heartland (Cleveland, 2003).

During college, Scott studied the humanities – including music from the Middle Ages through the Romantic period. Since then, his opinion has been that Mozart was the best (in terms of musical emotion and genius). He feels that a cultural and historical understanding of music is important, and says all these musical experiences have influenced his own playing (and listening) style.

In the Niceville and Destin area of Florida, people noticed Scott’s abilities to play different instruments and styles. Since then, he’s been involved in Relevant Measure (a local recording project), and joined with Tina Lane and Stolen Thunder for local gigs. Occasionally, he’ll do solo and duo acoustic performances as well.

Scott holds a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from the University of West Florida. This helps with promotion and management in the music business. He recently started Integrated Audio Solutions, making audio cables and offering services to musicians. With experience in different acoustical situations over the years, he can achieve the best sound possible for each venue or recording. He says success in music, whether on a large or small scale, is about finding the audience that likes it and doing your best to get a great sound while also having fun.