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Secret Saucer

Coming out of the ashes of the Strange Daze Festival is an Ohio based Space Rock band called Secret Saucer.
On their debut CD entitled “Element 115”, the musicians got together for one weekend and just JAMMED! , therefore the music is pure improvisational spacerock/krautrock. These are not mindless, wandering space jams but cohesive and focused. If you like Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles, Ash Ra Tempel, Gong, Amon Düül II, Nektar, Camel, Porcupine Tree, or Eloy, you will like the CD! It was released on Dead Earnest Records out of Scotland in October, 2005.
Secret Saucer’s 2nd CD (Second Sighting) was released in 2007. same line up as first CD
Secret Saucer Released Tri-Angle Waves, June of 2009 with a new drummer Ted Boburka. New Label -Salad Farm
Secret Saucer Released their fourth CD (Four on the Floor) September 2011 with guest lead guitarist Nick Riff, guest sax Greg Klucher
Nachvollziehens, Secret Saucers fifth cd was released in 2014 with guest guitarist Steve Bemand from The Timelords.
Secret Saucer Released there 6th CD Phase Five in 2015
Secret Saucer Released there 7th CD The Reset in 2016, With new a drummer James Dunn


Steve Hayes (Keyboards, Synth, Guitar, Production at Salad Farm Studio)
James Dunn (Drums)
Bill Spear (Bass)
Dan Schnell (Guitar.,Synth)
Dave Hess (Synth,Gliss Gtr.)

Past Members:

Steve Taylor (Guitar,Bass,Drums)
Paul Williams (Synth,Drums)
Jay Swanson (Keys)
Greg Kozlowski (Synth, Guitar)
Thom Marianetti (Drums)
Ted Boburka (Drums)