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December 29th 2015 update

Number One in the national charts! A big thank you to all friends and fans on

August 2015

Product Reviews for Dark Days White Knights

5 stars 5 out of 5 stars

Stunning arrangements beautiful vocals/lyrics
I was introduced to Serundal when a friend bought me 'Leylines' for Christmas and I have been hooked ever since. I love Celtic music anyway, but sometimes struggle to find original music with vocals as most traditional tends to be instrumental, or 'drinking songs'. In my opinion Serundal surpasses Clannad for their range of themes, lyrical ability and truly haunting vocals. There is something truly magical about them and every album is different. For those who love Arthurian legend, storytelling and who love to be taken away into a forgotten lost world, this album does it all. Mystical, magical and mind-blowing.
By wendy (Scotland, united kingdom)

March 28th 2015

Five Serundal tracks in the top ten Wales!

March 20th 2015
'The prophecy is telling me this is the night when the sun and moon begin to dance' Track 3 (8:12)

February 13th 2015

Some would call “Serundal” a Soft Progressive Rock band while others might call them a Medieval Celtic Folk band…but one thing is for sure, there is no denying how great “Serundal”s music is. Have a listen to “The Foreshadowing”. Great music is something we can all relate to in our lives….added to the Best of 2014 Soft Rock & Folk + the main Progressive Rock Playlist for the years 2000 to 2014.

August 12th 2014
'The Hag of Winter has just been awarded a semi-finalist place in the 2014 UK Songwriting Contest! Check her out she is so Cool!

July 24th 2014 Three Serundal songs voted into the top ten Broadjam UK charts! Annwn from 'Dark Days White Knights is NUMBER ONE!

July 22nd 2014


December 23rd 2013

December 21st 2012
UK songwriting Contest Results 'Chime Child' scores!
On the day of the Winter Solstice the most magical day of the Celtic calendar, two tracks 'The Priory' and 'The Talisman' have been awarded a commendation, and a semi-finalist place respectively.

December 2nd 2012
Serundal's songs featured on NME video online in video by Stuart Brennan (World United Music)

24th November 2012 news
We want everyone to have the most magical Christmas ever SO FOR ONE MONTH ALL SERUNDAL ALBUMS ARE REDUCED (from as little as $8.00 for a full physical CD!) Celtic folk is now said to be the third most popular genre in the world and of course it is all down to the wonderful support of our fans. Thank you all for your support and keep spreading the word 'Celtic is cool!'

25th July 2012 news update

Due to the forthcoming release of our new album (the third part of the trilogy) Part Two 'The Land of the Sixth Moon' is now $8.00 (physical cd) and $6.00 (digital download)! Hurry while stocks last!!

28th May 2012 news update

Currently working on new album (the follow-up to the very popular 'Ab Initi' and 'The Land of the Sixth Moon') and the third part of a trilogy and story 'The Legend of Serundal' (also to be adapted into a novel)
Serundal has earned the stargazer badge on myspace!

29th April - 1st May 2011
To celebrate the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
Serundal is offering the track 'We are friends' (from the album 'Dark Days White Knights') as a free download
available from

2011 UK Songwriting RESULTS 'Annwn' (from 'Dark Days White Knights' gets a commendation!
Serundal's music available for licensing on cdbaby!

2010 UK Songwriting Contest RESULTS!
'The Stone of Destiny' (Land of the Sixth Moon 2010) voted a semi-finalist in the folk genre!
'White Stag' (Yule 2009) voted a semi-finalist in the rock/indie genre!

2009 UK Songwriting Contest Results!
'Lady of the Isles' (Waiting Rooms 2006) voted a semi-finalist in the folk genre!

Serundal is currently no4 in the local charts in Reverbnation

David: producer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist / vocals
Maxie: research/ lyrics/lead vocals

Hailed by one reviewer as 'the new Clannad' since that time nine full albums and two E.P's have been released and all have
been well received worldwide.

Maxie has been a published poet since the age of fifteen, and Serundal was first born through a combination of her ideas
set in poetry and David’s musical creativity.
Together, born of Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry they have managed to weave together what has been described as
‘a truly magical mix of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon storytelling traditions with the energy of 21st century arrangements.'

Their music has been described as ‘timeless’ ‘cinematic’ and ‘visual’.
And their track 'Lady of the Isles' (Waiting Rooms) has reached number 20 in the world chart of 521 artistes in

Through listeners votes their songs have scored highly in charts like (where Serundal was the first
artiste in the folk genre to have eighteen tracks make it to the top on the songvault directory and to receive permanent airplay).
‘Incantation’ (Transitions 2006) and 'Lady of the Isles’ (Waiting Rooms 2006) continue to be some of the most popular
Serundal tracks on the internet.
'The Elven Robe' (Dark Days White Knights 2008) featured on Gene Godfrey's Classic f.m
'The Storm' (Ab Initi 2006) featured on Andrew John's new music station on Celtica radio and 'The Elven Robe' played on
Bill Everatt's Underground
'Lady of the Isles' played on Highlander radio (Live 365)
'Snowy Owl' (Ab Initi 2006) played on Deep Cuts radio (Live 365)

Both Ab Initi (2006) and 'Leylines' (2007) have also received excellent reviews.
Christmas 2008 saw the release of 'Dark Days White Knights' an album based on medieval Celtic and Arthurian legend,
which has taken their musical journey into the world of progressive folk.
Christmas 2009 saw the release of 'Yule', a magical medieval E.P

The Spring of 2010 saw the release of 'Land of the Sixth Moon' the follow up to Ab Initi and Part Two of the trilogy: The
Legend of Serundal; a Celtic fantasy tale told through music.