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Seventh Sin

The first decade into the year 2000 Anno Domini approaches. In the same way that a fine bottle of Italian wine silently matures over the passing years, or how the once vibrant colors of a renaissance painting still glow from beneath the varnish and patina to enrich the value, so has the opulence grown in the musical prowess of the band Seventh Sin!.... Now gently caressing the evening air with their white clouds of breath, the band prepares for the turn in natures carousel, from the warm bosom of Mother Spring, to the heat of the Lover Summer, now onward to the cold vice of Father Winter. The boys have been through many icy nights, but always refuse to remain still and give up to the harsh hands of the snowy Red River City. They refuse to freeze to the bone, and they refuse to let the dead kiss of the northern wind get them down..... The boys of Seventh Sin pound forward!.... In the decadent and more sophisticated bowels of the city, the Boys of Sin have set up their workshop in a dark yet roomy semi-mansion. Here, they can harness the antiquity of the home around them, and with the help of a large quantity of used carpet fragments from the refuse area of a local casino to soundproof the studio, they ensure that their new material remains a mystery until show time..... Seventh Sin has remained dedicated to creating a powerful metal rock sound, conjuring up new gems that will very soon be recorded, to forevermore be immortalized in megabyte. The band aches with excitement to produce these new songs, and yet have patience with the craftsmanship, and the level of careful precision it requires to make a recording that not only pays homage to the Master Rockers before them, but also offers the world an exclusive opportunity. An opportunity to raise heads from the sand, and let them bask in the light of a recovered energy, passion for stadium pumping musical sound and showmanship that embraces the audience to become part of the Seventh Sin experience..... It is the Seventh Sin boys who are up to the challenge of dismantling the tired, water winged and assembly line style concerts. It is Seventh Sin who shall warm the hearts of the crowd, and make them believe in the mysterious magical essence we all can appreciate in music. .... Seventh Sin will bring all that they possess within their arsenal to decimate the audiences before them, and when the audience screams for more….…by God, Seventh Sin shall give it to them!