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Sex Slaves

The last time I saw the Sex Slaves play was about five or so years ago. It was at a shabby sex/goth/S&M club, which I realize are fairly common in sophisticated places like Merry Olde, but are pretty rare in a place as panicky as the USA. The whole night was sponsored by a lesbian sex shop, if I remember right. Deep Throat was playing on a loop on all the TV monitors. There were sex toy raffles. One of the bands had a topless middle-aged chick that may or may not have been an ex-porn star up front. They’re broken up now. One of the other bands was comprised of pill-popping sociopaths disguised as glam rockers. They were signed to my go-nowhere record label for awhile, but that naturally fell apart. They’re broken up now, too. The Sex Slaves put on the kind of show that – I am loathe to admit, being from Boston –only New York bands can really pull off. They oozed a sort of visceral sleaziness, like you were watching authentic deviants, not just dress-up deviants, and they delivered their rubber-legged Guns/Crue cock rock with stunning professionalism. You gotta be good to make it in NYC, and these crazy-haired scuzzballs were tremendous. They even got a couple straight girls in the front row to make-out. That kinda shit never happens in Boston. Everybody’s pretty stiff in this town, and not in the good way. We had some dealings along the way, the Sex Slaves and I. They were either on my Cock N’ Roll compilation from forever ago or the first Sons of Guns CD for Classic, I forget which. But I don’t remember seeing much of ‘em after that night. The club closed down soon after. The Sex Slaves are pretty much the only entity that survived that gig.

I didn’t really know what was up with them, but I’ve got a friend in LA who somehow ended up managing them. They’ve got this new record, Wasted Angels, which we will soon be sampling. It’s their first record in four years, since 2005’s Bite Your Tongue. So, where have they been all this time? Jail? Coma? Tijuana? Well, turns out they’ve been on the road. On the road for four years. Can you imagine how crazy that would make somebody?

Somewhere along the way, they managed to write and record thirteen blazing new tracks, tracks that pay homage to all the sleaze-gods of yore, from Iggy to Axl and every leather-trousered fall-down drunk in-between. It’s sledgehammer heavy and as slithery as a politician, but it’s also got epic, arena-rattling songs that’ll sit happily in your guts for hours, like slow-burning bourbon. They shot an amazing video for “Long Live the Dead” (it’s included on the CD), and they’ve got big plans for this year, including trips to your corner of the Earth – wherever that might be. It’s your basic full-scale rock n’ roll assault. I feel good about that, because these fuckers are the real deal. It will rock you with an alarming ferocity.

For much more, please visit their website.

It’s got links to where you can buy their record, see their videos, and find out the next venue they’ll be destroying.

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