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Sharron Kay King

In one single moment, God can change the heart and life of a person. The greatest of sinners is never too far out of the reach of God's long arm of love. Sharron Kay King is a testament to the awesome Grace of God and His redeeming power.

"I was saved in 1987 - completely set free and delivered from over 13 years of a drug and alcohol addiction," recalled Sharron.

At the young age of 14, Sharron's life began to spiral into a habit of drugs and alcohol. At the age of 25, Sharron's mother disowned her - a time when her life was at her worst.

"I was so heavily involved in drugs and drinking that she absolutely turned her back on me," said Sharron. "That was when God began to work in my heart. My mother always prayed for me, and many nights I'm sure I kept her up all night."

"I was born again, July 25, 1987," remarked Sharron. "After being delivered from drugs and alcohol, you can bet I had lots to sing and shout about! When God miraculously saved me, I had such a desire to do something for him. I began to sing in the church choir."

Sharron attempted to play the guitar soon after that, but she became discouraged at her lack of skill on the instrument. Then one day, nearly two years later, Sharron heard a still small voice telling her to pick it back up.

"While walking past the closet where I stored my guitar, I heard a small voice say, 'Pick it up.' I turned to see that no one was there and again heard the words 'pick it up.' So, I picked up that old guitar and sat on the side of the bed and much to my surprise, began to play music," Sharron recalled.

"I tried several times to walk away from playing music and singing in front of people, because I didn't think I was good enough to be a professional," mentioned Sharron. "All that changed when I realized I was called to be a carrier of the Good News of Jesus Christ."

"I know now that people are encouraged by my testimony," mentioned Sharron. "I want my life to reflect the love and mercy that Jesus has for me. I want to see people who think there is no hope find what they have been searching for!"

"I love singing about Lord! I can express myself better in a song than I ever could speaking to any one. My songs are my message and testimony." Sharron said. "I don't know what God has in store for me in the future. What ever God bids me do, I hope that He will find me willing and obedient to follow the path He has laid before me."

Sharron's closing comment, "Although my Mother turned her back on me at the worst time of my life, I understand now that was the best thing she could have possibly done. We don't realize how precious something is in our life until we've lost it. My Mother and I now are the best of friends. I'm so thankful she used tough love. I'm sorry for the grief and hardship I put her through, but I am ever so grateful for the outcome!"