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Shawn Kelly

Shawn Kelly lives in the St. Louis suburb of Eureka, Missouri. Her passion for writing fiction was uncovered years ago when, out of the blue, she decided to try her hand at a simple short story for a band's fansite on the Internet! That was it! Not only did she enjoy the experience of writing...the creative process and the whole "your only limit is your imagination" mindset but her story was incredibly well received around the globe by members of that fansite.

Soon after the story was finished -- that story which was supposed to be the one-time-give-it-a-try thing -- she received requests from places as far away as Australia, England and France ( to name a few) to continue the story. One reader said, "You didn't leave any loose ends but I love these characters. I feel like I'm right in the room with them while the story is unfolding! Don't stop! Keep their story going! I'm going to miss reading about them if you don't!" That led to a sequel and then a third story, and several after that.

Professionally, Ms. Kelly has held positions in sales, management and customer service. Her understanding and innate ability to communicate effectively with people have given her great insight into what makes people 'tick' and it's the part of her professional roles that she's enjoyed the most -- the people. She brings many personal experiences and heartfelt emotions into her stories.

Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, she grew up and attended schools there until 1985 when she moved to St. Louis, Missouri.