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Shellee Coley

Well, I am pretty sure you all know I am not paying anybody the big bucks to write a bio for me. And I am also pretty sure that you know that I would be the one funneling all those fabulous facts to the bio writer if indeed I had a bio writer. But alas…I do not! So here I sit trying to think of clever things to say so that you will think I am a fabulous indie/pop/acoustic/singer/songwriter/performer/diva. Impressed yet?

Seriously, I am just a girl who loves to write and make music. I have been doing it since I was a little girl and though I have had a few bumps a long the way that have imposed long pauses, I have always known that this is what I wanted to do.

I am not a 17 year old with an over night success story, though at 17 I was sure I would be. I think the way that I can best describe myself to you is simply put, I am a person who loves to tell stories through words and music. I wake up in the morning with melodies and words twirling around in my head and I usually can not go to sleep until they get out of my head.

There is nothing better than the feeling of sitting on a stage or in someone’s living room and seeing a person’s face light up when they meet you in the middle of a lyric with that “me too” glow and you know you have connected with them. It is quite literally like crack to me and so I keep on going back for the high of it over and over.
Life sometimes take twisty curves around dark corners that you don’t expect. And often, the things that seem like curses at the time turn out to be blessings much later. I am thankful for those unexpected shifts and fault lines that have bought me to this place, because they have set me down exactly where I need to be in order to offer up this piece of myself. And even though these songs are about my own personal experiences within the framework of my own crooked stencil, I sincerely wish for you to catch a glimpse of yourself in each and every one of them.