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Shivering Timbers

About the band:

For generations, Akron, Ohio has produced some of the finest rock and roll the world has ever seen. Artists such as Chrissie Hynde, Devo, Robert Quine, Joseph Arthur, and The Black Keys all hail from the same little rustbelt city. Shivering Timbers now emerges as the newest addition to that list; led by husband and wife Jayson and Sarah Benn, with Brad Thorla on drums, they're classics in that same great Akron tradition: they don't fit into any mold but their own.
Sarah is a captivating singer who'll make you forget every vocalist you've heard before, while the nuanced howl of Jayson's guitar work is the perfect mate to her sultry vocals. What's more difficult to describe is the mood they create, which can, at times, entrance and haunt the audience, and in the next breath, invite them into a whimsical, foot-stomping play land. With a combined musical background encompassing everything from punk rock to gospel, blues to classical, Shivering Timbers have crafted a sound that is at once deeply personal, yet broadly appealing.
Fellow Akronite Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys was moved enough to produce their debut album, We All Started In The Same Place, a collection of original home-spun and studio crafted songs, folk songs, and nursery rhymes re-imagined and inspired by the birth of their daughter.

About the album We All Started In The Same Place:

The debut album "We All Started In The Same Place" by Akron-based Shivering Timbers was recorded in three days at Easy Eye Sound, the recording studio owned and operated by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.
Shivering Timbers' 11-song album began as nothing more than little tunes sung to pass the time and entertain their new-born baby. Then they played some of their songs for Dan Auerbach at his 30th birthday party, and won his heart with the simple, haunting melodies. A few months later Shivering Timbers and Auerbach were busy in the studio, crafting those melodies into a full-fledged album over the course of three days. During that time there were many inspired and magical moments when Jayson, Sarah and Dan were a powerful creative force, bouncing ideas off of each other, bringing life to the bare framework of the songs.
Shivering Timbers played all of the instruments on the album, with the exception of drums on four songs. The studio was a playland for the Benns, full of interesting instruments which found their way onto the album, including a waterphone, glockenspiel, a 60's Guyatone double bass, Farfisa, a late-1800's upright piano, and Dan's daughter's toy piano. With so many new ideas flowing, Auerbach decided they should shun click-tracks and headphones, and opted for live-room recordings, and many first-takes made it to the album. Both Dan and his wife Stephanie perform on the album, he plays drums on "Crooked Old Man" and "Three Young Rats", while Stephanie and their babysitter provided the back-up vocals on "See-Saw Sacradown". The choice to use non-singers on "See-Saw Sacradown" was intended to create an innocent, natural feel for the little-known nursery rhyme. Through Shivering Timbers collaboration with Dan, and a vast selection of instruments to experiment with, the simple ideas were transformed into a sort of junkyard orchestra.
One track was recorded with Ian Marshall at Magic Child Studio in downtown Akron. The song, "Gonna Getchya" was recorded 5 months prior to the Easy Eye Sound sessions, with the intention of giving it to lyricist Chuck Auerbach, Dan's father, to write lyrics. When Chuck gave the song back without lyrics, saying it needed something "ancient" to finish it lyrically, the Benns were inspired to use the sound of their one-year-old daughter's voice.
The band continues to evolve since the recording of "We All Started In The Same Place". Live performance of the songs had to be adapted to fit a trio of upright bass, electric guitar and drums, with a few banjo songs for variety. There is new material, and the band is nearly finished writing their next album but have not yet scheduled future recording dates.