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Sita Dookeran

Sita Dookeran was brought up in a Hindu/Christian home and was introduced to meditation as a teen. When hard times came later on in life, she found great strength and courage, as well as calm and peace inside through meditation. At that point she began to do it daily and watched as her life magically improved in ways that inspired those around her. Today Sita teaches meditation in many different settings, including schools, large and small businesses and her private studio. She has seen it help many people out of their ruts or crises (health, relationship, financial...) and now with this CD is hoping to be able to reach out to many more. Sita maintains that meditation is something that everyone can do and everyone should do if they wish to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. If you feel like you have everything you've ever wanted, materially speaking, and somehow still don't feel happy, Sita suggests you try meditation! Even 2 minutes a day will make a difference!