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The Swedish cult Super-Heavy-Metal band Skellington released their long awaited debut album "Last Human Standing" (2007) which surprisingly went directly to No 1 at the Scandinavian Megastores website charts for "Most Bought Heavy Metal Album" - and it also debuted as No 12 at their actual Top 20 List of "Most Bought Albums" (all genres!) right behind legendary Bruce Springsteen and many other fameous artists!

And hey, this was an independant album, released without a big PR-machinery to back them up in media...

Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000, Skellington is a respected Metal/Thrash/Rock band that has developed a mixed metal style of their own throughout the years. Good reviews and a good reputation as an exploding live act on stage has given them a metal music underground reputation. Always chosing to walk along their own path rather than following others, Skellington is best described by many as playing "SUPER-HEAVY-METAL" - and that kind of says it all! In lack of better words, they fill a gap in modern metal. A band that dares to NOT just follow trends all the time. Different. Yet, so very familiar. The perfect mix of all things metal.

Their underground reputation started right away with the very first Skellington demo, called "First Blood, First Demo", made in 2001. A well spread cult demo that included their former lead guitarist Bo "Chaq Mol" Karlsson - today a member of internationally well known black metal gigants Dark Funeral.

Through more demos and a slowly growing reputation the band develops the ambition to combine everything that is good about Metal music through it´s history.

The Skellington debut album "Last Human Standing" was released (in Scandinavia only) for Christmas 2007. And the smashing debut is packed with inspiration! It really does combine all their influences from the 70s, 80s, 90s, up-dated with a 21st century modern metal music into a package of their own.

Shortly after the album release the band got problems with their old record label during the big finance crisis of 2008, and a lot of important PR-plans had to be cancelled about supporting the "Last Human Standing" album. (The album was in fact never released outside of Scandinavia until early 2011!).

While handling the record label problems, Skellington started to play a lot of gigs - steadily building up a really great live act reputation. More and more people started to mention Skellington as great entertainers on stage and as "Probably one of Sweden´s best live acts"!

The band´s special live energy was never really caught on the debut album, but in late 2011 Skellington released a indeed roughly made EP (mini-album) called "PROFESSIONAL ANGER". Including 5 tracks it´s just pure Skellington metal/thrash/rock. The perfect mix of all things metal. It´s a "take no prisoners" attitude all over it! Raw. Wild. Primitive. With lots of fistpumping attitude and headbanging manners!

And as always Skellington is still in touch with their past influences and motto: "True metal - made for true metalheads. Simple as that!"

In December 2012 a brand new (digital) single will be released, it´s called "KNOCK YOURSELF OUT" - and is meant to be played REALLY FRICKIN´ LOUD!!!

Skellington is now looking for a new record (or license) deal while working in Stockholm on their next full length studio album. Which is actually a possible double album (!?) planned to be released in 2014!

So, folks, please go ahead: Have a really cold beer, tune up your air guitar and BANG YOUR HEAD OFF!!!