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Release 25th September 2012 – Smooth/Trauma is to release their self-titled debut EP on September 25th 2012.
After being heavily involved in the local hip-hop underground scene under different aliases for the past decade individually, with two LP's and a countless number of mix tapes under their belt, the two artists have joined forces to create this lyrical beast called Smooth/Trauma.
Club promoters and DJ's favored the musical styles of Smooth/Trauma for their rapping ability and chemistry of blending two completely different styles on one track.

The EP mixes sensuous and dark sonic aesthetic hip-hop with midwest, hardcore rap . Songs such as "I'm Dat Dude" & "Stupid Fly" feature cocky lyrical content while trying to maintain a humorous tone. "Klondike", "Colorful Clothes", "Take it Off" & "OMG" feature sexual themes - "Bass So Loud" is a humorous song about the clubs, while "Livethe Dream" & "Night After Pill" focus on more serious themes such as success and the pains and struggles of trying to make it.

Most of Smooth's lyricism are in regard to his riches, fame and past relationships. The moods of his lyrics are introspective, brooding, confident, dramatic, earnest, energetic, humorous, intense, laid-back/mellow, melancholy, playful, reflective, smooth, tender, warm and yearning.
Smooth's sound is labeled contradictory for its "soft" but at the same time "hard" style. His genuine, merciful lyrics can switch to a hard-core in your face rhyme with each line.
Smooth's contents detail failed romances, missed connections, relationships with friends and family, maintaining balance with growing wealth and fame, concerns about leading a hollow life, and despondency themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and mistrust. The topic of women is prevalent in his lyrics, with verses concerning past and potential lovers.

In contrast, Trauma writes violent and dark lyrics with a comical twist.
He is praised for his rapping technique which varies from humorous subject matter, complex rhyme schemes, ability to bend words so that they rhyme, use of multisyllabic rhymes, complex rhythms, clear enunciation, use of melody, to syncopation.
His lyrics usually contain cartoonish and over-the-top depictions of violence and explicit sexual content. The rapper explained that his subject matter is intended for entertainment value, likening his music to an erotic horror film. Some of the lyrics are considered to be misogynistic which he responds, "when I'm saying shit about women, when I'm saying 'bitches' and 'hoes', it's supposed to be ridiculous."

Smooth/Trauma are known to do frequent performances in various night clubs all over the Los Angeles area. Hitting up clubs such as; Friction, Ace of Diamonds, Level One etc... just to name a few, they have been maintaining a consistent, growing fan base.
Now ready to take it to the next level by releasing an EP with two music videos and more on the way, Smooth/Trauma are set the take the industry by storm with their distinctive, collaborative sounds.