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Smoothblack Dafantom

SmoothBlackdaFantom was drawn to music at an early age. Banging on a piano some one left at a house his parents were renting when he was a toddler. He held on to his love for piano but at 5 he heard a style of music his devout church-going parents were trying to conceal him from. When he heard rap he instantly fell in love with it and started rapping along. Growing up with a minister as a dad, he had a strict upbringing. His mom bought him a keyboard instead of the D.J. turntables he had requested for his birthday at 8 years old. He was just as thankful. So eventually he started playing keyboard at church, but at school he was known for beating on tables and rapping. This is what created the broad spectrum of music that he produces.

Growing up he would rebel in school, and hang with the wrong crowd, his friends often were getting arrested or finding their early demise in some form or another. Being cautious of what he was partaking in, their came a point in SmoothBlack's life where he had to choose whether he wanted to run the streets or make a way for himself. Luckily he had music to keep him out of trouble, usually he was in the house working on his craft. He always says "Music saved my life!"

After high school SmoothBlack really took notice of racial and social status and how it affects nearly every aspect of who you are and who you will become. So at the same time not criticizing people for their actions, rather he would encourage people to gain knowledge and understanding. Encouraging people through music to know and really understand their options, know what they are capable of, and to stop wishing they were great, just be great. He is no stranger to hard times and the struggles of life, he has experienced being at the bottom with evictions and repossessions, even homelessness. So he understands first hand, "getting it by any means" and he doesn't knock anyones hustle, but has chosen in the face of adversity to stick to his hustle even when turning back seems tempting. With that being said SmoothBlack is not necessarily a conscious rapper. He has a wide range of music, which range from relationships, to getting money, and of course, shaking ass.

Being known as "Smooth Black", the guy who produced songs like "SoulGlo" and "Fantom o da Opera" he added daFantom to his name. This perfectly described his behind the scenes work and staying in the shadows making hot tracks without the recognition, but at the same time was a proclamation of his eventual rise. He dropped his first solo album in 2010 titled "No Mask", produced by himself under the label he and two friends pioneered, PhloBuzz Records. The beats are tastefully creative and the lyrics are witty, thought provoking, and slightly humorous. The album is for the most part a journey through his head about everything from partying and sex to social issues. This album pretty much explains the beginning of his journey as a producer and artist, the good times and the bad times.
SmoothBlackdaFantom is as real as it gets, when it comes to lyrics, he is not about facades. He is dedicated to being himself, he is not proclaiming to be a baller, hustler, pimp, or thug, although their are aspects of that in him. He is from the streets but not of the streets, He is his own man, creating his own lane.