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Metal/Punk: Gothic Metal Moods: Featuring Guitar Metal/Punk: Progressive Metal Metal/Punk: Heavy Metal

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United States - Illinois

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Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful (SoB) is a Prog-Gothic Metal band from Chicago, IL comprised of two members, Dale Tippett, Jr. and Justin Smith. Abandoning tradition and convention, SoB is taking what you’ve come to expect from modern music and throwing it to the wind. This band is truly an extension of the post-modern world that is emerging from the underground. With fewer and fewer rules of form and content being followed by independent musicians, film makers and artists, it only follows that a group of creative persons would extend their reach beyond questioning authority and enter into a new endeavor of attacking the foundation on which the mainstream’s social-political ideology is built upon.

As long as right-wing conservative, Christians and oil magnates lord over western society, expanding their oppressive influences across the globe, humanity is inching its way ever-so-steadily towards an era of global famine, war, and terrorism. What will prevent us from being nothing more than animals? Is this what history set as its goal all those millennia ago? These questions and far more are addressed by Something Beautiful, though those questions pale in comparison to the most fundamental question of them all: How do you want to live?