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Sonic Salvation in Seraphim Sounds

Sonic Salvation in Seraphim Sounds is musically concord by Quasar. Quasar was born in California and moved promptly early in his life to Houston, TX. Life growing up in the eighties meant Quasar was engulfed by electronica. It wasn’t until around the nineties when in high school Quasar discovered techno & trance and was slowly creating the incredible love and passion for it, (resulting into what he calls a “dream come true…”), and then became what he feels a life long expression of love. It was initially a sad belief to Quasar, that music like electronica, techno and trance were for some reason too far difficult for him to master. He pursued on in life with it even less than imaginary as something he would ever make, even though it was his favorite music. Sounds uniquely created by computer synthesis usually where the ones that created ideal forms soulful reaction and all awesome things music does throughout his life. As planned with his life, Quasar entered the fine institutions of college in America. He eventually chose to enter music department for focus as a major in Audio and MIDI engineering. He still thought there wouldn’t be much music creation, just the simple and vital application of engineering. To his embracing soul and energy empowered body he learned it was also much more. Specifically to writing and composing, music fundamentals and whole lot more, Many facets of the music industry. So knowing how much he loves techno and trance, you would logically see where his heart and soul would choose to go with music creation powers. His first three albums are digitally distributed throughout various music download sites and radio streaming, etc, and the big news at this moment is that just recently Quasar has launched his fifth album and is looking to promote his new album and the prior four by d.j. at some rave like events, and more E.D.M. events and concerts. Quasar is a Catholic and practices Bible studies and writes poetic reactions from, this is where a formulation of the majority of his lyrics ascend from, forming into love poems, inspirational content, reflection on his faith, devotionals forms and other descriptions of lyric content. One guiding principal about all lyrics are that they are only to be positive. Expect a lot more from Sonic Salvation in Seraphim Sounds and Quasar in the future.