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Soo Catwoman

Soo Catwoman is an icon. An icon can be a sound bite, an image or a creative vortex that makes money for nothing. Soo's image was used by The Sex Pistols and various unscrupulous individuals and companies for their own ends, without any respect, or request of permission to her for it's use.

Soo is a wonderful human being who was in the right place at the right time and was liberally photographed for her style and creativity, and because of the doctrine of British Punk, never expected or even wanted ‘stardom’ or 'glory'.

Thirty years later she has a fan base and has started to take control of her own image. Her daughter Dion designs and sells T-Shirts bearing Soo's image to rival others on sale for which her mother gets no compensation. Dion's shirts are available at the webstore on Soo's website at (if you're interested). Just imagine seeing your face on products for sale over many years and nobody ever asked if that was okay and would you like some dough?…

Way back in 1998 Soo was asked to sing on a track called ‘Backstabbers’ that was quite relevant to her situation and the end result speaks for itself - Soo was 'not just a pretty face'.

On a typically positive note, she looked great - that’s why they used her image, she sang great - that’s why you can buy this track. As those times slowly roll into history, give respect to the originators. Soo Catwoman, icon…