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The project SoulenginE was born in 2007, when guitarist Ettore Salati and keyboard player Fabio Mancini got in touch with bass player Nando de Luca and drummer Giacomo Pacini. In a first time, they recorded a tune called "Rain Flower" for an italian cd-compilation, and it seemed that the four guys had worked together only for this purpose... but it wasn't!

Ettore and Fabio had played for about 7 years in the band "The Watch", and they shared many important experiences, like the "Vacuum Tour" which brought them to play live all over the world and in international progressive festivals, and recording the albums "Vacuum", "Live Bootleg" and "Primitive". When Ettore left the band in 2007, asked Fabio to work together on four-hands original compositions.

The two guys had so many original songs in their minds that immediately wanted to let a real band been born. The first aim was to merge all the influences they had, which crossed the borders from seventies' progressive rock to jazz, fusion, psychedelia and so on... Giacomo and Nando joined the project, and the four members started a large arrangement job, which took the most of 2008 and 2009.

Nine songs came to life, or we should better call them "tunes", because the music is mostly instrumental, and it features vocals only sometimes. A couple of guest musicians left their unmistakable mark on these tunes: Joe Sal (vocals on "Down The Street" and "Asleep"), and Davide Gandino (flute on "Asleep" and "Challenge To An End").
During 2011 the tracks for the full-length album have been recorded, and in 2012 SoulenginE's album, called "Mind Colours", has been mixed and mastered.

The first song (called "Polheim") is already included in a cd-compilation by Colossus called "Dante's Purgatorio", which features progressive bands from all over the world, and is printed and distributed by Musea Records.


Ettore Salati - electric, acoustic, double neck, 12-string guitars, sitar, bass pedals
"a not very frequent technical musicianship - I want to underline Ettore Salati's skill on guitar" (Mauro Gelsomini - TrueMetal)
"the way of playing guitar by Ettore Salati lets you be impressed with tons of emotions he's able to put into his strings" (Peter Kubaschk -
"some of Ettore Salati's lead guitar passages do suond like Steve Hackett is plucking away" (Lise Brault - Prog Archives)

Ettore Salati is a guitarist involved in progressive rock. He's a session player, collaborates with musicians from the international prog rock scene and for many years has been into one of the most important prog-rock acts of nowadays, the band of The Watch; they released albums already considered classics, and they toured together all over the world, being on stage in the most important prog festivals.
He starts his path in music a child in Milan, where he's born on the 29th of April 1974, running his fingers on a piano with Mozart and Chopin the most. After some years, hit by Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and in general by seventies' rock, he lets his piano down and begins to hold guitar.
At a first time he shoots pentatonic scales in blues venues in Northern Italy, then he starts his training with some famous italian guitar players; he graduates with full marks in modern guitar at Lizard music school in Florence and begins his career as a session player and a guitar instructor. He opens his mind to different musical worlds, he studies jazz and advanced harmony, but appreciates psychedelia, R'n'B, fusion as well.
He teaches guitar in some music schools in Lombardy, contributes to the book "Scuola di Chitarra Hard Rock-Heavy Metal", published by BMG, worldwide distributed and which sold nearly 20,000 copies till today. He is columnist with articles regarding guitar and music, writes soundtracks for tv programs and collaborates with national broadcastings for musical production and multimedia projects, including music for DVDs printed in over 50,000 copies. He plays in studio and live for pop artists like Gemini and Ombrechiare, with whom shoots a couple of videoclips, records the sound of his guitar for funk and dance productions, works with many vocalists, trios and ensembles, sometimes rather difficult to define. He's into the jazz-fusion thing performing with world-renowned musicians like David Jackson, Karl Potter, Aldo Tagliapietra, and he brings his six strings on stages all over Italy with several bands in many different genres.
His never forgotten interest for progressive rock lets him meet The Watch in 2000; with them he records "Vacuum", "Primitive", "Live Bootleg", and tours all over Europe, U.S. and Mexico. By January 2007 Ettore leaves the band, and works nowadays as a prog session musician, cutting his guitar tracks for progressive rock labels like Musea and Cypher Arts, and performing all over the world with keyboard virtuoso and composer Alex Carpani, for whom also recorded his second album "The Sanctuary," and with other italian prog rock musicians (Atlantis 1001, Archangel, DAAL, etc.).
In February 2011 has been released for Ma.Ra.Cash records "Void", the first album by a new progressive-fusion band called The RedZen, which features also previous The Watch drummer Roberto Leoni, and it immediately received enthusiastic reviews and high sales.
His skill as a composer has recently come back as he's behind the writing and the arrangements of SoulenginE's tunes, together with Fabio. Moreover, he has written the soundtrack for the theatrical piéce RapSUDia 1935, directed by Max Vergani and produced by "La Dama".
He proudly endorses DG Pedals, custom stomp boxes and amplifiers.
Considered by specialized press among the followers of prog guitarist of the seventies like Steve Hackett and Robert Fripp, he's also been influenced by blues guitarist of the past, by great artists of jazz and fusion, and has a special glance for Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and the great Allan Holdsworth as well. Even though he uses both his hands to let guitars sing, he finds time to use his feet to make the stage quake with bass pedals.
Ettore lives in Milan, and, beyond music, loves his motorcycle, his chinese sword and his trekking boots.

Fabio Mancini - hammond, piano, mellotron, wurlitzer, rhodes, moog
"Fabio is at the same time delicate in his touch and aggressive on the keys when he wants an emotion to be predominant over others" (Bruno Cassan - AmarokProg)

Fabio Mancini, born in Milan on 19th august 1967, has studied under M° Costante Ferrari, Enzo Corti and Rosanna Re, obtaining his organ and organ composition degree in 1989 at Milan's "G.Verdi" Music Conservatory and his piano degree at the Bergamo's "G.Donizetti" Musical high school. He also attended composition courses with D.Lorenzini and harpsichord classes with L.Alvini. He undertook master classes in organ interpretation with several renowned artists such as: H.Vogel, M.Radulescu, W.Krumbach (for Bach and German baroque music), A.Isoir, M.Chapuis (for French music), C.Stella and M.Torrent Serra (for Spanish music).
At the age of 18 he began his career as a classical musician, winning music competitions and performing concerts. From the age of 20, after listening to Keith Emerson and Genesis, he developed a strong interest in progressive rock and electronic keyboards, in particular moog and hammond. In 1987 and 1988 he won the 11th and 12th editions of the Noale’s Organ International Competition.
He works with many orchestras among which Milan’s “Pomeriggi Musicali”, “Accademia Concertante d’Archi”, “Mediolanensis” Orchestra, "Nuova Cameristica" Orchestra and Lecco’s “A.Vivaldi” Orchestra. With these orchestras he often performed Organ Concertos by F.Poulenc, G.F. Haendel, J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, J.G Albrechtsberger, J. Stamitz and F.X. Brixi. Since 1989 he is also titular organist and choir conductor at St. Leonardo Murialdo’s Parish Church in Milan. He teaches 'Music Editing' at the State University of Milan since 2004, Piano at the European Music Insitute of Milan.
Fabio alternates classical music, playing piano and organ as soloist and with classical orchestras, with progressive rock music, playing keyboards with the progressive rock band "The Watch", with whom recorded their third studio album ("Primitive", 2007) and two live ones ("Live Bootleg", 2006, and "Live", 2008), and in the "ELP Tribute Band", which released a live dvd (Live in Aschaffenburg, 2008).
As a solo artist, released in 2003 the CD 'Organ Music Vol. 1', with baroque organ music by J.S. Bach, D. Buxtehude, J.G. Walther and N. Bruhns; in 2005 produced a piano CD called "The Solitaire Voyager", soon followed by his second piano solo CD, called "Secret World". Both the CDs received excellent reviews.

Nando de Luca - bass guitars, acoustic guitars

Nando de Luca was born on April 29th, 1977, and when he was a child moved to Paris, where he started his musical path. At a first time he studied classical guitar, but soon grab a bass in his hands and never let it down.
After the first musical experiences in France, came back to Milano. Here he studied under Riccardo Fioravanti's guidance and played with a lot of rock live pojects (Iorel Trio, Minute Maid, Bortolussi Orchestra and many others), performing gigs in northern Italy.
Then became member of some bands still in acitivity: Chakrah, Officina Acustica, No Speech and Pino Distaso Quartet, with whom had the occasion to play jazz, jazz-rock, fusion and different styles which let him become an extremely versatile player.
In 2004 joined "Gleba", relevant rock band in the italian scene. With them he recorded two studio album and gigged all over Italy (also as a support act for the highlighted italian rock band Negrita). In 2006 began playing in La Dama Theatre Company's production "RapSUDia 1935", a pièce written by Max Vergani for which Ettore Salati composed the music, and performing in italian theatres.
Then, in 2008, started working with Ettore, Fabio and Giacomo at the instrumentali progressive rock project SoulenginE, recording all bass lines for "Mind Colours".
He also plays with songwriter Paolo Agosta, recorded his two studio albums, the electrp-pop band Triplo Gioco and is frequently on tour with his official band NoMoreSpeech, which recently released their first heavy rock album that immediately received excellent reviews.

Giacomo Pacini - drums, percussions

Born the 5th of March 1967 in Pistoia, Giacomo starts his training in Perugia with Vincenzo Restuccia, soon followed by master-classes with Giulio Capiozzo (Area) and Tommy Campbell (Miles Davis and many others).
At the age of 21 he moves to Milan, where he studies under the guidance of Ivan Fossati (first percussionist at Orchestra Verdi in Milan) at a first time, and Sergio Pescara in a second one, with whom graduates.
During those years, he works with many cover bands, playing many different styles, from blues to funk, pop, rock, latin and so on: The Woods, The @motion, Diadema, Candy The Ville, The Abraxas and many others, gigging frequently in the best italian venues. With some of them he still perform; morevoer, working with these musicians, starts also collaborating with music schools in North-Italy area.
Apart from these experiences, starts also playing jazz, working with Filippo Bulfamante and Antonella Gianese, and performing all over Italy.
As a session player, Giacomo beat his kits for Aida Cooper, Angela Baggi, Luca Pasqua and many others.
In 2006 meets prog-rock, when SoulenginE are born with his old friend Ettore Salati and new friends Nando de Luca and Fabio Mancini.
Soon devoted to this genre, he plays with Alex Carpani, too, with whom he performed in several gigs of the Waterline Tour 2010 and The Sanctuary Tour 2011 in Italy and abroad, together with Ettore and Fabiano Spiga.
Giacomo lives in Milan, and he's the missing link from prog to jazz which SoulenginE need.