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Spakka Neapolis 55

Spakka-Neapolis 55 reflects the cultural crossroads that the city of Naples has been over the centuries.
The goup is the product of long time musical experience , tending to the research and experimentation between the expressive language of the oral tradition of Naples and of the sohutern Italy, and the one bound to modernity.
The band was faunded by Antonio Fraioli (violinist and composer) and Monica Pinto (voice), taking its name “Spaccanapoli” (Spaccanapoli means “split Naples”) from the street that divides in two the ancient city centre of the modern town of Naples and that with its by-lanes and the conspicuous historical-cultural stratifications represents symbolically its essence.

In 2000, publish for Real World Records “Lost Souls – Aneme Perze”. A long series of international tours during which they achieve big success both of public and of critic. Highly appreciated in the in the whole Europe, Canada, U.S.A. Mexico, Jappon, because of the enthralling performances, the group has obtained remarkable artistic response.

Moreover, in 2001, the group has opened two concerts of Manu Chao, held in Genoa and Naples, in Piazza Plebiscito.

In the 2002 ,the famous American TV series “The Sopranos” has chosen the song “’OMare” from Album “Lost Souls / Aneme Perze” like soundtrack of the episode n.43 “The Weight”.

In September 2002, opened the two concerts for the world premiere presentation the album “UP” by Peter Gabriel.

Again in June 2004 opened the concert in Genoa and performs with the English rock star.

In 2003 the band won “The 15th palmarès des prix Miroir” at the Festival été de Qèbec (Canada).

In the 2004 the band change its name in SPAKKA-NEAPOLIS 55. The new name springs from the need to express in the meantime the modernity of present (Spakka), the ancient cultural roots (Neapolis) and the world of tradition (55, that in the Neapolitan cabala represents “ a musica” [the music])!

In 2006, Theater for a New Audience of New York (USA), has chosen the music of the Neapolitan band for the show entitled “Souls of Naples” (The Phantoms) by Eduardo De Filippo, directed by Roman Paska and interpretation of John Turturro. The show was staged at the Teatro Mercadante di Napoli, New York, Paris.

Between the 2006 and 2008 SPAKKA-NEAPOLIS 55 still play in France, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Croatia, New Caledonia, Italy.

In 2007 the songs “’O Mare”, “Santa Notte” and “ Mmiezo a Festa” were chosen for the soundtrack of the TV series “The Long Way Down” (episode n.1 and n.2), produced by the BBC with Ewan Mc Gregor and Charley Brooman, and in the some year, the songs “’O Mare” and “Santa Notte” were included in the double album “The Long Way Down” published by Real World Records.

In the 2008 the song “Spata r’oro” (that will be inculded in the next album “Janus”), is the sound track of the film “Angeli distratti” by Gianluca Arcopinto, a film about the battle of Falluja (war in Iraq).

Inthe 2009 the band pubblish the new album “Janus”.

The band have played in the following country: Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Canada, Jappon, Czech Rep., Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Malaysia, U.S.A. Hungary, U.K. Mexico, Finland, New Caledonia, Croatia, Greece