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Spirit Blade Productions

SPIRIT BLADE PRODUCTIONS exists to present the uncompromised truths of Biblical scripture in media that will provoke thought and appeal to fans of unique and imaginative fiction.

We believe that for too long, Christian fiction has been (in an effort to be ethical or "family friendly") sterile, boring and out of touch with reality. A few authors, artists and producers have begun to change that in recent years, and we hope to push the trend forward even more.

At Spirit Blade Productions, we challenge ourselves to create science fiction and fantasy that honors God. In our stories, flawed heroes strive to seek truth and do good. And evil is portrayed as it is. Evil. This sometimes results in stories that are gritty, edgy or even dark and disturbing.

Though we commit to telling stories and creating art with Biblical integrity and scriptural truth, much of what we produce may be inappropriate for listeners under the age of 13. For our younger listeners, we love for parents to become involved! We encourage parents, or anyone else, to contact us with any questions regarding the content of our productions. You can reach us easily at

For those who like wild, imaginative stories with an edge, we have made creating intense and gripping sci-fi and fantasy our goal. And hopefully, we can share something truly valuable along the way.