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SQY - two decades of Rock ’n roll

To celebrate their 20th anniversary SQY is determined to play a minimum of 20 shows in 2013. Preferably at venues of witch the band keeps good memories. The shows will consist of songs from the entire era 1993 to 2013 and SQY is eager to relive and introduce their legacy to known and new audiences.
Band Facts
Deep Purple (UK) / Europe (S) / Tyketto (USA) / Van Dik Hout (NL) / DIO (USA) / Status Quo (UK) / GUN (UK) / Skik (NL) / Y&T (USA) / Golden Earring (NL) / Mental Hippie Blood (S) / Prodigal Sons (NL) / Mötorhead (UK) / UFO (UK) / Tygers of Pantang (UK) / Raging Slab (USA) / Erocktica (USA) / Girlschool (UK) / Shootyz Groove (USA) / The Sweet (UK) / White Cowbell Oklahoma (CAN) / Tesla (USA) / Rainbow (UK) / Uriah Heep (UK) / Whitesnake (UK)
The Rising (1995), Big Town Hideout (1998), Sequoyah Live (1999), From Soho down to Hollywood (single 2000), SQY (2001), Ten Years on the Road (2004), Full Throttle (2004), Punk Rock Skunk (single 2006),Top Fuel Tendencies (2006), Get it done / NYC (video 2007), Demon Incite (2010)
A Bit of History
From Sequoyah via SQY to SQuitetlY. The evolution of a Rock phenomenon in 3 steps.
1 Sequoyah
Founded in 1993 by 4 friends as a southern rock band. Harald van Kruysdijk , Joris Le Clercq and brothers Wim and Joost Deeben, 4 partners in crime who were convinced that sweeping the stages, dressed up as Indians*, would be appreciated by a broad audience. So they did with great enthusiasm and they were proven right. Their first demo tapes were well received and followed by lots of gigs in their home country, the Netherlands, and abroad. In the years to follow the albums The Rising, Big Town Hideout and Sequoyah Live were released. Their direction was set and they seemed unstoppable. But inevitably, even young warriors get tired and their pugnacity weakened. It took until the year 2000 before the phoenix arose from its ashes with the release of SQY. The album that gave the band its new Name.
*In the 1990s everything that vaguely resembled Indians, cowboys and other “southern stuff” became hugely popular for some ungraspable reason.
Next to the SQY album, Full Throttle, Top Fuel Tendencies and Demon Incite were released under the name SQY. Again lots of gigs and several high lights such as Bospop 2005 and supports of famous bands such as Motörhead, Status Quo, Uriah Heep, Y&T and Deep Purple. What more is there to wish except sharing stages with the icons that made you want to play in a band in the first place? Exciting but sometimes hard this rock & roll way of life. So it seemed when bass player Joris had to leave the band for personal reasons. Joris was replaced by the honourable Martijn Mansvelders. Martijn firstly featured on Top Fuel Tendencies and at full strength the SQY war machine rolled on at full speed.
3 SQuitlY
The idea for SQuitlY emerged because the band felt the urge to try something else. Not that the old recipe wasn’t good enough anymore, but change can keep the fire burning. And this time the band was right. The acoustic versions of original songs and cover versions of songs from the 1970s are well received by an even broader audience. No worries so far, but bad luck is always around to spoil the fun. Unfortunately our king of bass had to quit for personal reasons. He proudly turned over his position to Paul Rijkers. Paul is talented musician and was instantly accepted by the fans when he was introduced at the Lömpe Klompe festival (november 2012). Back at full strength, there is nothing that can keep SQY from celebrating their 20th anniversary.