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SSUUNA: is one of Africa’s most talented and endearing cultural ambassadors; a performer and teaching artist whose smile and warmth embodies the gracious spirit of Africa. He is also a dancer, percussionist, singer, songwriter, storyteller and recording artist from Uganda with a wide range of performing experience. Raised in a small village by grandparents in a time of civil war and political turmoil, He turned to the Ugandan traditional music to alleviate the poverty, hopelessness and suffering. As a result, his musical influence was born. Encouraged, natured and reinforced by his elders, these experiences bestowed a priceless cultural education and entertainment—inspiration that catapulted him into teaching tolerance and diversity through performances, recordings & workshops around the world—now, for more than 15years.

Join SSUUNA in his fabulously gentle, yet high-spirited dramatic and musical delivery of African songs, stories and principles that celebrate the gift of life—a bridge that connects all rhythms of various beings and nations. SSUUNA’s solo shows are not only full of energy and command undivided attention; they captivate audiences into participation while promoting authentic East African art, culture and literature. Through an exotic fusion of traditional and contemporary East African music, dance and storytelling accompanied by traditional instruments such as the Bowl Lyre, Thumb Piano, Tube Fiddle, Engoma and other African Drums, SSUUNA takes the audience on a crucial but delightful cultural extravaganza—introducing the wide continent of Africa and its many cultures that share a common thread.

It is his hope that the audience will gain an understanding of African dance, drumming and storytelling as essential aspects of history, communication and a human cultural experience. Most important, is that we all experience our cultural similarities and walk away deeply respecting the differences. Also, as a certified teaching artist, SSUUNA makes it a point for his programs to address the 21st century learning skills: Critical thinking, Creativity & innovation, Collaboration and Cross-cultural understanding.

Young Audiences Inc. National Artist of the year 2008
Young Audiences of NJ Artist of year 2008
Young Audiences of MD Artist of the year 2009

“Not your typical song and dance show”
Lisa Traiger
The Washington Post, DC

“SSUUNA shares lyrics to live by…African songs, dance, celebrate gift of life”
Jessica Infante
The Beacon, NJ

“It was something different and enriching.”
Elisa Glushefs
Potomac News & Messenger, VA