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Steven Steele

Steven Steele was born in London, Ontario, Canada and was initially motivated to play the guitar full-time soon after learning of the death of a close friend in a motorcycle accident. Steven would sell his own motorcycle, the days of living too close to the edge were over and the overwhelming feeling was that his own luck may wear out one day. So he submerged himself into the instrument and never looked back; the rest was history, but not forgotten. Steven's earliest memories were that of himself playing the piano at the age of 8 on a local TV stations Sunday afternoon show called "Junior Talent Hour" where the experience managed to give himself enough excitement to come full circle by age 19 to begin to learn the guitar Earlier in his guitar years Steven was heavily influenced by the blues-rock guitar virtuosos and eventually the easily recognizable melodic style of guitarist Joe Satriani and the encompassed multiple styles of the late legendary blues-rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. These two musicians would have a great influence in his future direction in music. Steven Steele subconciously must have wanted to achieve somewhere in-between the two icons; a blues rock experimental experience a la Satriani, Hendrix, with "theme style", "signature tune" like arrangements. By 21 he was recruited by a three piece band to play as a second lead guitarist, there he honed some of his earlier skills, and over time his interests grew more toward the solo aspects of the guitar. Meanwhile, after playing in a few local cover bands, an original band or two and the odd project, Steven decided then to give instrumental composing a try. He dusted off some of his piano skills from lessons he took when he was 7 years old and started laying out the beginnings of songs like: Always Remember (Never Forget), New City Blues, Credo. Steven continued to evolve the songs over the next few years, and as he grew as a player, so did his songs. Steven didn't give up and consequently he met Rob Carvell who in 2005 would work with Steven laying out and composing the drums for the beginnings of The Revelation. In 2006 he began his voyage. In 2011, he will have released his debut album for 2012.