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Bahamian Recording Superstar
Stileet, a Bahamian singer song-writer, multi instrumentalist, co-producer has a “retro” style that incorporates elements of rake ‘n scrape, soul, dub, R&B and dance. In addition to singing lead vocals, Stileet often plays the lead guitar, saw, and the drums, Bahamian style while his music is being recorded at Commonwealth Studios. He is known for his elaborate stage performance, high energy and music videos. Stileet has had multiple number one hits on the Bahamas top charts and radio stations. He earned a spot of second place on the 100jamz 100 count down at the end of year 2008 giving up first place to Beyonce Knowles, with Irreplaceable. He was nominated for the cacique awards three years in a row, making him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.
Stileet, an Inaguan born of ten children grew up on the island of Inagua. As a little boy at the age of four years old Stileet was enroll in Junkanoo as a lead drummer, cow bell shaker, and a free style dancer. He has become a musical genius and poet extraordinaire.

Stileet remains one of the Bahamas’ most popular, well grounded and well rounded Bahamian recording artists. In addition to his musical talents, he also has equal passion for the performing arts having appeared in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” parts 2 and 3 (2005) and “Way of the Dolphin” (2006).
Stileet has performed in hundreds of concerts across the Caribbean and remains a crowd favorite. His smooth, vibrant and electric style has catapulted him to national prominence.
He's now touring the world with his new album Bahamian Tempo Vol.1, unique?...........I would say very unique this guy means business, his stage presents is designed pack stadiums.