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Stone Vengeance

Michael Coffey - Lead vocal, all guitars. Anthony Starks - Bass guitar, vocals (lead vocal "time is at hand".
Darren Tompkins - drums, vocals.

This is STONE VENGEANCE's first CD in which they compile their demos, some tracks from 1987 and 1990, plus new tracks from 1998. As I said previously on their second album review,this is one of those bands that I don't understand why remain unnoticed, and this CD just ratifies what I had told. I really enjoy STONE VENGEANCE's music a lot, it has a special feeling on every one of their riffs. On his CD some tracks sound like AGENT STEEL. It is good to listen how a voice like Michael Coffey's and Anthony Starks reaches those levels. They still continue with their Doom/blues side obviously, and their song "Pain" is a sample of it. This CD also includes a very good Jimi Hendrix cover,"Foxy Lady."
Best of San Francisco ® 2006: Lose Yourself in the City
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Best Unknown Metal Act:
Stone Vengeance!
True metalheads may be surprised that we're talking up Stone Vengeance instead of one of those hip new post-black metal freaks like the mysterious Leviathan. Granted, Leviathan's underground drone is cool and all, but Stone Vengeance, three maverick black dudes from Bayview-Hunters Point, have been kicking ass under the radar for 27 years. So it's about time that the trio's raw, leather-clad speed metal attack (which fucks eardrums in the fine tradition of Venom, Raven, Celtic Frost, Manowar, and Iron Maiden) gets some well-deserved attention. Hell, just track down the vinyl reissue of the group's mid-'80s stuff, titled Here Lies Stone Vengeance 1987 , and you'll understand why the band's all-too-rare recordings are sought after by rabid collectors of speed metal and thrash. Better yet, check out a live concert — because Stone Vengeance shows no signs of slowing down.
"The Angel"
(Stone Vengeance Recordings)
Bongos and African drums serve as intro for the song "The Angel" an example of the best Thrash Heavy Metal, similar to Hirax. Further on I find a lot of the NWOBHM sound, and some American Heavy Metal sound. We can hear Black Sabbath like Doom/Blues, and some Rolling Stones segments. STONE
VENGEANCE is the first band I know with an all Black Line-up. Surprisingly, they've been playing since 1978, over 27 years!! They are living legends! Check their web page, you'll be surprised to find they've shared the stage with all the thrash and Heavy Metal legends of the 80's.
From MANOWAR, RAVEN, DENNIS STRATTON (formerly with IRON MAIDEN), AL ATKINS (formerly with JUDAS PRIEST), ROB ROCK, ANVIL, POSSESSED, BLUE CHEER, SLAYER, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, DEATH, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, TROUBLE, LIZZY BORDEN, ICE-T & BODYCOUNT, VICIOUS RUMORS, DEATH ANGEL, GBH, DRI, HIRAX, to LAAZ ROCKIT and FORBIDDEN! Take a look at their logos, totally crude and Underground. I don't know how many previous Stone Vengeance recordings there are but I'm surely interested in listening to their old stuff. It must be pure Heavy Metal. Stone Vengeance seems to be frozen in time. Time hasn't changed them, and their sound hasn't suffered the influences of trends. Their sound remains clear. It's amazing to listen to this old-unknown band that has remainded totally underground for over 27 years. Influenced many bands. The last track "I Vampyre" is a clear example of the unique underground sound that STONE VENGEANCE possesses.
Himnos Rituales de Guerra 8.5/10