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It went down like this: It was Bake, Esgee, Diamond Jay, Clown and Chief. Esgee was the oldest and provided Nuffrespect with the leadership and expertise needed to establish a strong foundation. Diamond was nice with the tables and possessed an uncanny knack for beats. Chief and Bake were the youngest and provided energy and concepts essential in any camp. Around this time (1989) Clown was getting his ball on but the love was still all good. Diamond Jay was a west side local DJ in high school who promoted his crews (KMP) parties and spun vinyl at lunch. Bake and Chief were in the 10th grade when they met Diamond and told him of their cru RK-90. Diamond told Bake and Chief about this jam he was throwing on 5th Street (Santa Monica, CA). Bake and Chief rushed the jam. Once Diamond saw the click he opened the mic, Chief snatched da chrome and it was on. Diamond called them that week to put down Nuffrespect's first joint, "Pump It Up" (1991). Clown and Esgee grew up together and both attended Santa Monica H.S. The two of them, along with Bake, ran with DBC (Da Boyz Cru 1988). DBC was a collaboration of breakers, DJs and MCs who ran the S.M. Underground. In 1993 Esgee, Diamond and Chief hooked up with Cliff Note Productions and released da single "Blowing Up My Pager." The jam was fly but the record company was bogus, so Nuffrespect bounced (lesson learned). From 1993 - 1995, Nuffrespect was putting in work on the mix tape tip (still keeping it real). Around 1995, the mix tape era was fully blown which inspired Bake to buy the legendary ASR-10 to go along with Diamond's arsenal of beats.The Roland W-30 and later the MPC 2000 was Diamond Jays weapon. That year Nuffrespect put together their first album, "Trying To Get Rich," at 2909 Studios (thank you Williams Family). After mastering the ASR-10 and the mix tape network, Nuffrespect decided to advance to the next. Nuffrespect went to the Bomb Shelter Studio in S.M. and recorded 4 cuts off the album "Trying To Get Rich": "Till I Die," "S.M. Players," "Don't Trip" and the underground classic "Gangsta Lyrics." The Bomb Shelter couldn't handle the whole weight so Nuffrespect moved to Paramount Studios in Hollywood CA. Nuffrespect finished the EP from the Glock 9 series "Semi-auto" (due out in March) and are currently recording their upcoming LP "The Game of Life".The rest of the saga is still unfolding, but don't worry fellow hip-hop heads,we will keep you posted. Nuffrespect Hip-Hop Quotable For The Month (From Da Jam "Hit Off") 1. Esgee: "Check the Stones / and the fake carbon copy clones / Nuffrespect is prone / to rock in any time zone." ** MCs remember, crime will get you time but biting rhymes is a sign of a week mind. Get ready for The Game of Life 1998.