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Streets of Hastings


We met as individual members of a small, but rambunctious group of chess hooligans, travelling from match to match while shirtless, covered in body paint and fairly well intoxicated... we’d wave flags, chant "Ole" to disturb opposing chess players, and proudly sing "Na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, goodbye!" when the end of the match was near. Things were great until three of the hooligans - Phil, Trucker & Peyts -witnessed an undetected, but highly illegal move made with the horsey-chess-figure-thingy. The three of us yelled... we screamed... we started a fire... and then we got our arses kicked-out and banned from all future elementary school chess league matches. Desperate and dejected, we split from the group and took our anger, anguish and rebellious spirit to a new medium.

Thus was the birth of “Streets of Hastings”.


An independent band based out of the Ottawa region in Canada, we employ a variety of musical styles and as such pride ourselves on not being conveniently fit into a defined genre category. Primarily influenced by a combination of rock, kicked-up-Celtic and alternative, we convincingly combine all these musical styles into a high-energy, raucous, fun and crowd-interactive live show.

Formed in 2009, we’ve been busy establishing ourselves in the music scene with several performances in and around the Ottawa region, a tour in Alberta and the recording of our debut album at 2Dogs Productions in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The summer of 2012 will see us performing more shows around Ottawa, touring in Atlantic Canada and recording our second album.

Since the beginnings of the band, we have been involved in some amazing charitable work and are most proud of our “Cancer Fund Drumsticks Campaign”, an effort to raise money for donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. With an online donation page, live drumstick auctions at the end of shows and a portion of proceeds from some album pre-sale bundles - as well as an online auction that netted $1,500 for a special set of our drummer’s sticks – we have raised in excess of $4,000 to date.

In addition to being an official artist endorser for Los Cabos Drumsticks, our drummer has conducted numerous interviews about our campaign, including live on-air radio sessions with CBC Radio One in Newfoundland and 99.5 DrumFM in Alberta, as well as print media interviews with Alphabet Bands in the UK, The Hanna Herald in Alberta, The Vision in Ontario, and The Southern Gazette and The Downhome magazine in Newfoundland. For all his efforts, international recording artist Bif Naked commented on our drummer as “an inspiration!”

“Three Streets to the Wind”, our debut album, released on March 17, 2012 – none other than St. Patrick’s Day, a fitting date for this proclaimed “drinkin’ band with a rock n roll problem”; copies of the album pre-sold months in advance in almost every Canadian province, several American states, the UK, Ireland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.


About the album:

"The songs are poignant, honest and show the band's determination to tell it the way they see it with vibrant and entertaining music. Three Streets to the Wind is a definite must have for SoH fans and those looking for a good time." Glles Roger, via Facebook

Some comments about our live shows & music include the following:

“Awesome show last night guys! Rockland witnessed an uprising and echoing through the night was Streets of Hastings!" @AngieLeeLouis via Twitter

“Dudes, you make the streets QUAKE every time you play a show in our humble little burg!” Ryan Gelinas via

"Anyone who wasn't at the... Streets of Hastings show last night seriously missed out on a kick-ass show. Easily one of the best shows of my life. Bar-none." Chris Lapensée via Facebook

"With your unique sound and high energy, you have a way of infecting the crowd. In minutes they are up moving, dancing, hollering and having so much fun! Plus the fact that you include the crowd (play out on the floor in the middle of them) and joke around, I have to say that you guys are definitely a ONE OF A KIND BAND!" Corinne Galarneau via Facebook