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Stretcher-Bearer is :
A Dada/surrealist/psychedelic/experimental/Garage Band out of Salem, Oregon.
As a quasi-Band, we believe in "Professional Amaturism" that mistakes don't exist; they are mere the Unconcious acting out via song,writing,visual art etc..
An Alarming amount of self-Consciousness, and Space between releases. I hope to do a more coherent, less rational and deeply immersive type of music. I strongly believe in the lost art of the Album, being on par with a painting, or a book, musical narratives, Stories, Themes, Something you sit down and listen to from start to finish,Something Other than a quick low quality jingle for the short attention spanned. I hope to see a revival in the Album as an entity unto itself, Singles are fine, collections of songs on an LP format, no sweat, but I love to know that I'm going to take a trip somewhere if I put on The Residents "Not Available" Album. I Push Myself to do the best I can Lyrically, Musically, etc. Each part hopefully could stand alone on it's own merit, The lyrocs could be read as a poem, The music could be listened tooas an instrumental, and then the combination hopefully pushes it even higher.