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Susan Thomsen Clark

A long, long time ago I was born in Washington, DC. My parents are both musicians, so I've been around the music business forever. At the age of nine, I fell in love with the Beatles, along with everybody else. I got my first guitar and started writing songs at the age of twelve. We then moved to Nashville, as every musician did who lived in the Virginia area. It was the thing to do. Anyway, I was just a kid, so I had to go and glad I did. As a teenager, I played in the folk mass at Church and also in several bands at school. These were good years. I met a lot of great musician friends here. I miss you guys!

Around nineteen, I joined an all-girl band called "Barbara Allen & The Tennessee Hot Pants". My first trip was Thule, Greenland. What a great gig. We played a lot of military bases and were always treated like gold. I would do it all over again. God bless our troops!

In 1978 we recorded our first album, "Riding With Lady Luck", while playing in Weert, Holland. I remember writing out post cards one day when our song came on the radio. I flew upstairs to tell the rest of the girls. Oh what a feeling! It hit the top of the chart's in 29 countries via "The Hilversom Three Radio Show". This group "Lady Luck", gave us our first taste of international touring; throughout the UK, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Korea and Japan. Later, we continued to play all over the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. In the 1980's, we all went our separate ways, but remain best of friends.

Television: Hee Haw, 1986, The Ralph Emery Show, 1975

Albums with Kent Westberry, Roy Clark, Pat Mckinney Burton

In 1990, I moved to Jacksonville where I met so many great musicians. I've been privileged to play with some of the best. To name a few, Ray Mosier, Chip MIller, Rick Bernheimer, Caleb Massee, Bob Macy, Larry Hurlburt, Ronnie Lee, Tom Kerr, Steve Brookins, Bruce Royal, Mark Sawitzky, Tracy Rigdon, Jim Sexton, Artimus Pyle, Tommy Horton Derek Hess, Jimmy Devito, Papa Ned Johnson, Al Stone, Jim Essery, Those Guys, Greg Baril, Black Creek, Mr. Natural, Kelly Burke, Ricky Milanovic, David Plummer, Randall Hall, Rocko Marshall, J.R. Roberts, Gary Ross, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Banner Thomas, Larry Cohen, Michael Douchette, Clinton Carver, The Winters Brothers Band, Lancelot, Tim Lindsey, Kent Westberry, Barry Harwood, Phil Swindle, Barry Rapp, Bob Mosley, and many more. Special thanks to Steve Irvine for letting us play at his fantastic club,"Yesterdays"! Thanks guys for the great Jams!!

Some Of The Wonderful Women I Played Music With:

Barbara Allen, Donna Atkinson, Gilda Jordan -"Susan is my favorite musical mystery tour." (...and a raging communist.), Gloria Jean Snellings, Kathy Burkly, Bobbie Menzies, Holly O'Dell, Judy McClure, DeBeaux Westberry, Alice Galloway, KC Kropp, Shirley Dillon, Jennifer Cook, Sue Hadjopoulos, Gail Withee, Pam Withee, Genya Ravan, Susan Tedeschi, Vita Wilson, Bonnie Durham, Jerry Durham, Brenda Mitchell, In Loving Memory Of: Connie Barnett and Mary Lyn Orth