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Suzanne Grosvenor

SUZANNE GROSVENOR (pronounced Grove-ner) is a composer, pianist and improvisationalist. Her music is born of a fresh new spirit incorporating classical, jazz and world music influences.

Suzanne creates pianistic tone poems as interpretations of people, places and situations. Her collaborative works with filmmakers, theatre and media artists have showcased around the world and aired on NPR radio, the Disney Channel and PBS television.

Suzanne's rock group of the 1970s played warmup in concert to David Byrne and the Talking Heads, she played jazz fusion keyboards with the Don Latarski group in the 1980s when Latarski's album was high in the Billboard charts, she worked as a piano sideman on Printers Alley in Nashville and played with orchestras from age 10 when she was guest soloist with orchestra playing Mozart in concert.

She began creating custom music portraits in the 1980s where a person sits with her as she interprets music she senses for them extemporaneously. Her extemporaneous portraits allow an “interactive dynamic” that is known to often stimulate profound effects for listeners.

Through her concerts, recordings, workshops and private interpretations, listeners may travel to a deepened and palpable sense of the now. Her performances are described as “incredibly exhilarating” and ”unspeakably profound.”

She began music lessons at age seven and soon took up the violin and cello. She was a winner in the Phoenix Young Musicians Concerto Competition on piano. Offered a scholarship to train at a music conservatory, Suzanne chose to study at a university near to home. She launched a career playing improvisational music across a range of genres -- from jazz and the blues, R&B, country and bluegrass, to rock and jazz fusion.

Suzanne released her first album, Lantern in the Window of piano compositions in 1984. Her music was also featured on a CD, Lights Out II, along with performances by David Friesen, William Ackerman, David Lanz, Jeff Lorber, George Winston, Patrick O’Hearn and others.

In her thirties, Suzanne concentrated on composing, recording and teaching classical repertoire, technique, jazz improvisation and intuitive composition. She presented master classes at the University of Oregon. Innovating the “Portrait in Sound” as an intuitive approach in music therapy, she facilitated Intuitive Music workshops at the Northwest Institute for the Healing Arts and many other venues.

Suzanne took time off from her music work between 1999 and 2009 for personal and family healing. She returned to composing and playing for live gatherings in 2010 and released the CD of 'Piano Improvisations 1, Light Shining Through' in 2012.