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Sven Melo

Sven Melo is a fantasy name - one of the different egos of a person, who lives in the music styles like an actor, because he loves all kinds of music, from jazz to metal, from Abba to Zappa. He can't decide to play one style alone, because he always wants to be in the other room, where the air smells different and the light is brighter or darker. So he is not a rocker, not a folkie, not a rapper or a punk, neither a progressive musician nor a soundtrack composer. He is all in one.

He was born 1959 in a small german town, when rock'n'roll was in bloom and all that fine, experimental and crazy things should happen yet. Grown up with music, with The Beatles and The Kinks, The Who and The Doors, later with Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, he decided to be a musician. But it was not as easy as he pictured himself.

The first band, he found 1979 was a bunch of youngsters without a real plan, as it is often. They played in his brother's room without a concept. Every improvised session on sundays was a lesson, a concert, a jam, a recording session and songwriting in one. Looking back, Sven must say, they had fun, because they didn't await to become famous.

Many bands followed, with and without recordimgs, with and without concerts, but they didn't make it. So in the mid-eighties Sven tried do it do it alone, homerecording like so many others, with the result, that he produced three albums all alone, that just ten oder twenty people ever heard. He tried to find a producer for that music, but the only one, he found, was a suspicious guy with media contacts, who lived in a caravan. The contract he sent was a joke, with duties for the musician and profit for the producer. Sven didn't do it.

In the nineties he did a short project in a singer/songwriter team, that just recorded an album without having concerts or contracts. The following pause showed him, he couldn't live without making music, so he started again playing in bands 2005. For he had so much material, that no band in the world could work it all out, he started in June 2012 his additional project „Sven Melo“ - a name, which became his new identity now: a sensitive man, who makes electronic music between classic, rock and jazz, with a mellow sound. Working like this is similar to his first band: Every composition is a lesson, a concert, a jam, a recording session and songwriting in one.

Sven is a man without fear of his emotions and moods, that's his energy. He tells his mystical stories without words, just with tunes. Some people call that „soundtrack music“, but it's the inspiration for the movie inside of the listener.

His album „Diary of a Swan“ (2012) describes the feelings between winter and summer, birth and death, sunrise and sunset, and so we all are part of it, it tells the mystical story of you and me.
The nice cover photo was made by Chrissy H.