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Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts

Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts

Sweet Jeena And her Sweethearts shake and serve a groovy cocktail of Americana: old time rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'blues, rockabilly and country, with a tasty slice of jazz and truckloads of grazeology. It's a vibrant mix of influences that often lead to futile imitation of forgotten times. But in this case the result is light and fresh, with a little twist to the left. In Jeena the Sweethearts have a fiery singer. She sounds new and vintage at the same time. Hillbillies of the twenties don't know what they missed - and helped to create.


The Sweethearts kicked off in 2007 with 40's and 50's style rockabilly and country. Looking for a guitar player for a fifties party Jeena came across Risto at a blues jam.
There two lifetime freaks hit it off right away and never looked back.
With Jeena's sweet vocals and Risto's edgy guitar their sound started to grow from the roots towards new horizons. They started to play with new toys - jazz, blues, anything that sounded fun. Wild fairies took sips of the modern times. Rural romanticism met passionate urban rhythms.

Then on everything rolled like a river flows. Jeena and Risto found the new rhythm section laying around, just waiting for a righteous rock'n'roll ride.

Together this foursome brings early rock'n'roll, blues, country and black and white crime fiction to the CD era. It's romantic as hell. But nostalgic? No way!

They've been doing their thing two or three years, depending on whose opinion you listen to. The word has gotten around. When you hear them, you won't wonder why. We are dealing with time-proven badass rock'n'roll with enough raw energy to drive an old carpet to the other side of the moon. Hearing is believing. Check them out asap!

JEENA RANCKEN - she's got the voice
The sweet thing that sings, scats, yodels and hums and can sound like a V8 engine roaring on the main street at midnight. Jeena takes unexpected turns a normal earthling wouldn't dream of.
She whispers, moans and howls.

RISTO KLEMOLA - a man of many guitars
His instruments behave like rockin' and rollin' juvenile delinquents. On some occasions they have brought the booze sales to an all time high. Risto also streches his pipes on some backing vocals.

HEIKKI KOIVUNEN - takes care of the low frequences
There he reigns and flies like a jailbird just escaped from prison. Heikki teams up with Risto for backing vocals, serenading sweetly or barking like a choir of pitbulls.

SAMU LAIHO - has got the beat
His drumming is so glowwormin' he can liven up any party at six on a sunday morning. Shaking maracas and hitting whatever in reach with his sticks he makes your moving parts do the shimmy.
And there you go!