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Synthetic Anatomica

It all began in 2005 when J. M. Stelly was looking to explore new musical territories. Playing with multiple musicians on multiple projects, Stelly soon realized that the frustrations of doing what was in his head would almost be impossible to with others. Venturing out, Stelly built the foundations of what would become Synthetic Anatomica. After recording an all piano and strings album called “My Heart Bleeds Darker than Grey Skies”, Stelly decided that he would pursue even darker territories. In 2006 Stelly recorded an all ambient and experimental album called “The Collapse of Consciousness”, an album that was written as more of biography of his nightmares from childhood to his nightmares as an adult.
In 2007 Stelly would again go on to record a third album based around the concepts of 2012 called “The Forbidden Thought” an album that is completely made of symphonic orchestration. Realizing that his music was driven more towards scoring for film, television, and games he decided that he would stray away from the traditional means of going out and playing shows. Stelly went on to release “The Violent Reaction” in January of 2009. This time Stelly decided that he would release the album to the public without the support of a label. In 2011 Stelly released "X", a concept album that focuses on the darkness of a mental hospital patient and the hauntings of the hospital that occur years later.
Synthetic Anatomica is an all instrumental project that relies on concepts and ideas. Writing from a more visual stand point, S.A. remains the single brain child of Stelly. He now has plans to start playing live, making every show unique and different by writing new material for every show and recording them live as well as engaging the film and game industry as a composer.