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Trust One
Formula Abstract/Jewelz Infinite/Guerrilla Republik

Acknowledge a man who has lived his life full of compassion and dedication, which is reflected through his higher minded lyrical consciousness. Trust One is a self built pioneer. Starting off his life in Los Angeles, and eventually moving to San Diego, he was raised in a musically talented family, exposing himself to many different facets of music. Being in piano lessons, and learning how to play the drums on his own, by the time he was 18, he developed a skill in poetry. Having traveled across the US, and experiencing so many life lessons til this day, he is able to create music that can enhance your thought process in an unconventional way of thinking. Along his musical quest he has worked with many talented artists, international and local. Trust One formed a group called Echelon with Mash 23 and Unkle Festa. Echelon played many shows in San Diego through the years of 2002 to 2004, gaining popularity and a supportive fan base. In 2002, Trust One started producing beats and also began working on his own self produced solo project. Unfortunately, in 2004, after Echelon released their debut EP, the project fell apart and the crew parted ways due to creative differences. Although the project did not work out, Trust One continued polishing his skills as a producer, lyricist, and performer, promoting his talent.

In 2005, Trust One collaborated forces with Moderfire of Circle Empire, and formed the legendary duo, Formula Abstract. Formula Abstract played numerous shows, opening up for many well known artists such as, Funkdoobiest, Defari of the Alkaholiks, 2Mex of the Visionaries, Percee P, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, just to name a few! Formula Abstract's fan base continually grew until 2008, when the very unfortunate shooting of Moderfire took place. Moderfire passed away at the young age of 27. It was very hard for Trust One to stay active within the hip hop community after someone who was so dear to him was murdered. Shortly after the terrible tragedy of Moderfire's death, Trust One released Formula Abstract's "Audio Autopsy Vol. 1, Cali Crop Circles" featuring many talented artists like, Orko Eloheim, Eternal of the West Coast Killa Beez, Mr. Ridley, Bazerkowitz, and many more. This album is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Cdbaby,, plus many other websites, and has been a great success in raising money for the single mother of Miguel Leon, AKA Moderfire. Moderfire and Trust One had big plans of traveling to Paris, France to play shows with their musical partners/affiliates Mister Modo, Ugly Mac Beer, and Andy Bandy of Diess Productions and Beatsqueeze, but unfortunately the goal was never accomplished. An album titled "Remi Domost" by Ugly Mac Beer and Mister Modo was released in 2010 on Diess Records out of Paris, France featuring a Formula Abstract song entitled "Zombies" along with another song titled "Bad Future" featuring Trust One and many other talented emcees. In April of 2011 Andy Bandy of Diess Productions released a record by the title of "Andre" featuring Trust One, Dr. Zarkov, Mike Tappen and Rinasanz, (Formula Abstract affiliates/family) also available on iTunes and Also, to keep you fully updated, Trust One just released a brand new album entitled "Formula Abstract Presents: Universal Soundscapes", which is an amazing album jam packed with a surplus of talented emcees and producers like, Mister Modo, Ugly Mac Beer, Andy Bandy, Mike Tappen, Sighphur One, Scribe Sayar, and many more.

Ever since Trust One lost his good friend Moderfire, his views as an emcee changed tremendously. Trust One realized he wanted to be part of something much bigger then just hip hop, his desire grew to wanting to spread knowledge and wisdom with a deeper meaning, promoting the growth of humanity. Wanting to build unity within the community locally, and globally through positive self expression. After taking a small break to get his mind together, he continued growing spiritually and musically, and made a connection with Atma, of Masta Buildaz, Lost Children of Babylon, and formed the powerhouse duo, Jewelz Infinite. As Trust One says, "It was meant to be," after realizing that they made over 30 classic tracks within the time span of only a month and a half, collaborating with legendary artists such as Rasul Allah, Apakalypse, Orko Eloheim, Son of Saturn, Sick Since, and the list goes on. Through his relationship with Atma he met Alvin Amar, of Guerrilla Republik, who is a very supportive higher minded activist for positive growth in humanity. Being such like minded individuals, Alvin greeted Trust One to the Guerrilla Republik, a movement for unity and awareness. Forming a family-like bond, Trust One is motivated to be part of something greater, spreading the word of enlightenment. Trust One is one of the most hardworking artists, spending endless hours in the studio, writing, researching, and networking, making daily sacrafices, determined to open the minds of the blind, through his creativity in music. Trust one has a goal of releasing 10 classic albums within the year of 2011, so look out!

2004 Echelon "Echelon" Out of Print
2004 Trust One "Every Day Struggle" Out of Print
2006 Formula Abstract "Formula Abstract the EP" available at
2007 Anti Citizens "Tunnel Visionaries" Featuring Trust One available at
2008 Kastle Creeps "Kastle Creeps" Featuring Trust One available at
2008 Formula Abstract "Audio Autopsy Vol. 1 Cali Crop Circles" available on or
2008 Anti Citizens vs. Left Handed Scientists "Mechanical Habitat" Featuring Trust One available at
2010 Psychodrama07 "Project 542" Featuring Trust One available at
2010 Mister Modo and Ugly Mac Beer's "Remi Domost" 12" Vinyl or CD Featuring Trust One available on
2011 Formula Abstract Presents: Universal Soundscapes available on or
2011 Andy Bandy's "Andre" 12" Vinyl featuring Trust One available on
2011 Son of Saturn "Seven" Featuring Trust One available on
2011 Guerrilla Republik's "Love and Sacrafice Vol. 2" Featuring Trust One available at

Coming Soon 2011:
Trust One and Edgr Isreal present "Sacred Geometry Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3"
Jewelz Infinite "Katharsis" 2011 Featuring Rasul Allah, Apakalypse, Jahnigga, Orko Eloheim, and more!
Trust One's "The All Seeing I" 2011 Featuring Jizzm, Vida Killz, Pacoe the Illiterate, Dannu of the Visionaries and more!
Formula Abstract's "Audio Autopsy Vol. 2 Cerebral Science" Featuring Moderfire, Trust One and many more!