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Terence Kritical

Born on January 23rd, this singer/songwriter/producer and self proclaimed 'realism and blues' style is a combination of new school hip-hop production mixed with 90's style new jack swing reminiscent of 90's group 'Jodeci.' Kritical began writing short stories and songs at age 11. Gravitating towards singing and beat production soon after. Using a Sony playstation to put his first beats together. Kritical created some of his first demo's and song ideas. Growing up surrounded by music, (his mother having sung in her families band back home in Mauritius) Kritical picked up the guitar and studied various styles of rock and popular genres at the time and bands that fused metal and rap music i.e 'Body Count,' 'Korn.' After a short stint lead singing in a band for a few years, Kritical drifted back into rnb. Soon after, Kritical produced several releases ' Revolutionary Blues,' album 'Untouchable' and numerous amounts of singles and collaborations with local as well as international artists. Kriticals latest album 'The Truthful' sees Kritical at his most soulful and melodic with tracks covering a vast range of subject matter good and bad.

'The Truthful' is the sophomore album from the Melbourne, Australian rnb singer/songwriter. Kritical delves deep into his past, aswell as comtemplating his future on cuts 'Neva look back' and 'Salvation.'"Even I reminise/ thinkin' bout the things I miss" Kritical croons over a soulful, jazzy meets hip-hop beat that would make Tupac proud. 'Salvation' is the final and uplifting cut which is fitting as the road through the album with a theme of 'Redemption,' (also a cut on the album) focuses on the positive's in society even though society has become ever more cinical and skeptical. The album deals with everyday rascism as well as personal depression and struggle as evident on Track's 'Memo' and 'W.O.T.W (worries of the world). Kritical sings on 'Memo'
"To Black for T.V here/See you so clear here/than you wonder why sudanese kids here/act up, you try to live here!" An ode to the large Sudanese youth living in Melbourne who migrated from war-torn Sudan only to find no tolerance among the Australian white majority and reacting in agression as a result. 'The Truth Nowadayz' is picturesque in describing a young girl who all though having both her parents, remain unpresent for most of her life. Leaving her with abandonment and rejection issues. ''Mama left her alone/ nothing she could do/ Daddy never was home/ so she did what she wanted to." All and all this is a solid second effort which needs to be heard to be believed, although there is some negative conintations and ego driven rants on the album
''Rev'd up," "C it like me" Kritical always tries to offer some resolution and inspiration in a world of the plastic and superficial.

“Saturday, 4 July 2009, 6:00:14 PM KRITICAL is already one of StarXcels favorite artists, everyone loves KRITICALs sophisticated wrap and Denzel Washington looks. Jeff expects KRITICAL to make the leap to the big screendid you know Will Smith was DJ Jazzy Jeff before he was Will Smith (publicly at least) and went broke? Think KRITICAL will bypass the going broke part.” - KRITICAL is MIA, but Video Game is a Great Change of Pace!

Kritical’s music videos have had over a million views, and he is now trailblazing his way nationally and internationally. Kritical has worked alongside hip-hop’s heavy hitters such as '‘Q'’ (from 112 fame), ‘The Outlawz (2pac's group),’ and U.S west coast crooner ‘T.Q,’ to name a few. The self proclaimed ‘Realism and blues’ star’s latest mixtape '‘Elevation’ The archangel' had over 10,000 downloads in 24 hours!! Itunes was no different with his first solo album ‘'Revolutionary Blues'’ an underground classic and with his hit singles '‘Video Game'’ and the most recent '‘Oh Baby,'’ Kritical is setting a bench mark for independent artists on a national level, and has his eyes firmly fixed on international stardom.

Kritical is fast becoming Australia’s most talked about rnb singer or performer period. With an explosive stage show and matching energy through the roof you can see why. Kritical debut his single ‘Untouchable’ on the U.S radio show ‘Star Excel’ with rave reviews from callers as well as the host Jeff D’arcy.’ With his release of his single ‘Video Game,’ Kriticals accompanying video is seeing regular rotation on Channel V and rage already. Aligning himself as well as working with U.S heavyweights The Outlawz, ( Tupac, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg). His album ‘ Revolutionary Blues’ is a street classic and sold well over 10,000 copies worldwide. With his singles ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Video Game’ doing well, his latest offering ‘Elevation –- The Archangel’ Mixtape sees Kritical delving into his soul and bringing his style of ‘Realism and Blues’ to the forefront. The Mixtape did 10,000 downloads in only 48 hours!!