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The world is ready for a band that truly believes - video really did kill the radio star!!

TerraNova was born at the end of 2010. Their unique sound is mainly influenced by the American and British classic and pop rock traditions. They've been gaining fast attention with their throwback sound, bringing back ear pleasing musical complexities. Songs with strong melodies and lush harmonies invoking thoughts, feelings & moods. The ethereal pop-rock of this female fronted band takes you on a journey through emotion, seasons, other times and distant places, touching your heart & soul. Longing to share it all with you. Wanting to move you.

At the end of 2010, Dawn Lindsey and Doug Sample, formerly known as "D&D Project" reconnected after working together on D&D Project, WONDER (released on Amazon & iTunes as TerraNova, WONDER) album from 2003-2005. They united in the complete knowing they have something special in their musical connection, creating a unique energy and sound, so decided to give their music a fair shot at being heard. The goal is (of course!) national & international air-play, live shows, touring, sales, etc...

After discussing an appropriate band name, Dawn and Doug decided on TerraNova (a new earth) and began the process of locating the right players who can accentuate the ethereal pop-rock flavor of TerraNova. With Doug's jazz chords, killer leads, & backing vocals, and Dawn's rich, moody rock voice, writing & vocal range; the combination creates a unique style that comes across to the listener as pure and vibrant energy, emotion and passion! They were seeking like minded individuals to accentuate those qualities. Thankfully, the right players appeared quickly. First came Rico Ybarra who is a consummate pro drummer, bright and very passionate! It's evident that he feels every hit in his soul. Next came David Salwitz on bass, exhibiting the utmost in integrity, desiring to make the music the absolute best it can be. His positive personality, talent and experience come through each note, making the music shine. And, last, but not least, Tori Farrow with her super powerful, yet sweet soprano vocals. She adds tons of soul to the TerraNova sound. We're very fortunate to have such an uber-talented line up!