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Terry Mitchell

Terry Mitchell is a life long information technology specialist turned studio musician. He uses his computer skills and advanced software to help develop his instrumental music. He became interested in computer-aided music development over the last several years and just recently decided to go public with this pursuit, which he plans to give nothing less than a no-holds-barred effort. He is an up and coming powerhouse in the world of Jazz, Ambient, Chillout, Dance, Pop, and other forms of instrumental music.

Terry's single Summer Daydreaming ranked in the Top 200 songs played on the radio in the U.S. for the week ending July 13, 2013 according to the DRT radio airplay charts, coming in at #152. It also ranked #19 among songs by independent artists during that same week.

Terry's music is currently be played on all of the following radio stations:

103.1 Kiss FM - Houston, TX
Choice 107 - Columbia, SC
Cyber Music Box - Palmdale, CA
Dominion Global Radio - Houston, TX
KDGR Dominion Hits - Los Angeles, CA
KILT FM - Dallas, TX
Mix 96.5 FM - New Orleans, LA
Pure Sounds Radio - Chicago, IL
WBAC FM - MIlwaukee, WI
WLIV FM - Phoenix, AZ - New England
WRTC 89.3 FM - Harford, CT
Arise Radio WXAR-DB - Memphis, TN - Albany, NY
RadioRalaxo - Canada
Jazz Bay Radio - New Jersey
The Beat WCPR 88.1 FM - Charleston, WV
Jazzco Radio - Melbourne, Australia
Northside Broadcasting Corp. 99.3 FM - Chatswood, Australia
Dublin City FM 103.2 - Dublin, Ireland
Old Grumpy Radio Network - Texas
BO-FM 90.7 FM - Canada
Radio Vest 94.6 FM - Denamrk
WZBM 91.3 FM - East Carolina University
WRPI 91.5 FM - Troy, NY
TopBlues NBTB - Tucson, AZ

Below is some addtiional biographical information about Terry:

Terry has been in the software development/information technology line of work for over 31 years. He is serious about his career and his music, although he tries not to take hinself too seriously. He thinks a little humor is good for one's health as well as one's soul.

Terry puts a high premium on good health because he knows what it's like to have lost it at various times in his life. During his childhood and teenage years, he had serious complications with asthma and nearly died on several occasions. When he was 20, his left lung collapsed spontaneously in back-to-back months. In 1995, he had stage three testicular cancer. He had surgery and 12 weeks of chemotherapy. Fortunately, with the help of God and his doctors, he made a full recovery.

Terry had been free of cancer for more than 12 years until October 2007, when he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery to remove it. After successful surgery, he opted to take six months of preventative chemotherapy. He completed these treatments in April 2008 and has since returned to full health.

At any rate, he knows that there is nothing more valuable to a person than his/her health. It is the foundation on which all other parts of a person's life are built. If and when it cracks, everything else will come tumbling down. If and when it fails, nothing else in one's life will matter anymore. All the money in the world is meaningless to someone who is in bad health or is on his/her death bed. Terry always tries to keep this in mind.

Unlike most of his contemporaries who grew up in the 60's and 70's, Terry knows what it's like to be very poor. Terry came from a family that lived in the housing projects of the small Virginia city where he still resides. On top of that, neither of his parents went past the fifth grade and were both very uneducated. In addition, they were older (when Terry was born, his mother was in her mid-30's and his father was 49, and Terry was the eldest of four boys). His father fell into poor health at age 55 and had to retire on disability shortly after Terry's youngest brother was born. Many times, the family barely had enough food to eat, even on Christmas and Thanksgiving. But with his own determination the strength from God, Terry brought himself up by the bootstraps (so to speak) to rise to the top of the information technology industry and become recognized as an expert in that field. He hopes to duplicate this feat in instrumental music, his newest venture.

Terry is a devout Christian who believes simplicity is a great virtue. He is a strong adherent to the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. He tries to avoid over-complicating his life. On average, children are happier than adults. There is a reason for this. Their lives aren't nearly as complicated as those of adults. Therefore, he believes one of the secrets to happiness is to live as simplistically as reasonably possible. He applies this philosophy to his music and all other aspects of his life.