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Tha Truth

Tha Truth is an "art-ivist" (artist/activist) from Philadelphia known for advocating for peace, equality, and justice. “We want jobs, food, and homes for all,” is one of the many lyrical manifestos Tha Truth has given life to on his latest album “Music for a Better World.”

“Music for a Better World” consists of a diverse mixture of musical genres, including jazz, reggae, hip hop, Spanish music, and Brazilian capoeira, coming together in unity with powerful and meaningful lyrics that march for peace, love, and equality for all. Tha Truth encapsulates these ideas when he states in the album’s intro, “This is music without borders.”

His latest work reflects his evolution from being strictly a hip hop artist to a musician who sings and plays real instruments as well. On this album Tha Truth sings, raps, plays the drums (and the berimbau instrument), and renders lyrics in Spanish. Additional genres fused into this release include funk, folk, rock, classical, electronic/dance, pop, calypso, and more. “It’s truly world music,” says Jamie Myerson, the accomplished musician and studio engineer who worked on this album.

“Music for a Better World features a song with nothing but positive and uplifting thoughts (Positive Energy), a track with lyrics completely in Spanish (Todos Somos Iquales), and his own beat production (he produced many tracks on the album entirely himself with drums and other instruments).

An overall inspirational lyrical approach is on full display throughout. Instead of solely relaying the world's problems and awful truths, he is focusing on what can be done about them and the importance of education and activism. In accordance with this, the "Music for a Better World" CD comes in packaging made from recycled paper and a tray holding the CD in place made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The ink used to print the packaging comes from non-toxic, biodegradable soy and vegetable based inks.

“Would they really hate us then, if we stopped trying to run other countries, and used money for building missiles to fill plates for the hungry?” from his song “Let’s All Blame the Victim” is one of many pointed questions Tha Truth poses for listeners to contemplate.

“I want people to enjoy this album. I want them to laugh, to get excited, and to feel like they want to move. At the same time, I want to make people think about what’s really important in life,” he says. “I hope the lyrics inspire people to start doing something to help make this world a better place to live in.

Tha Truth has performed in countless venues at concerts, colleges, demonstrations, conferences, and benefits. Since 2006, he has released five albums. He says that on each “the goal is inspiring, educating, and empowering listeners.” His songs and lyrics pertain to cooperation, human rights, and social justice.

In 2006 Tha Truth released his debut album "Tha Civil Rights Movement," which was followed in 2007 by "Tha Civil Rights Movement Part II." 2008 saw the release of his "Tha People's Music" album. On “Tha People’s Music,” Tha Truth, inspired by Howard Zinn's famous book "A People's History of the US," detailed the real story behind U.S. history, starting with Columbus' theft of Native land in 1492. Tha People's Music also addressed poverty, immigrant rights, healthcare, war resistance, military recruitment, the prison industrial complex, the environment, and many other political issues.

"Tha Mis-Education of the Masses" was released in 2010. This CD makes similar points as his previous projects, while implementing sarcasm, humor, a myriad of metaphors, and more diversified beats comprised from Middle Eastern live percussion/drums, native flutes, acoustic and rock guitars, Spanish reggaeton, and DJ techniques (scratching, mixing, and effects).

Tha Truth began writing rhymes in 1998 but it took the influence of a conscious rap artist he befriended to begin questioning his lyrics, which were more of the gangsta rap variety in the late 90's. As he grew, he learned there were answers to his questions about injustice in society, and he began to articulate social commentary into his music. With each CD he has continued to evolve with his insight, lyricism, and overall musical production.

This artist provides all the lyrics for his songs, corresponds with all fans who contact him, and provides an arsenal of resources and links for people who want to get involved with activism through his website ThaTruthMusic.Com.

“Music is very powerful,” Tha Truth says. “It’s what first got me to contemplate what really matters. ‘Music for a Better World’ was designed to get listeners inspired to help other people. What’s more important than that?