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Born Chauncey Sweet in Phoenix, AZ, “Greenumz”, AKA Bert began his career in Maryvale, Arizona. In 1995 while only a teenager, he signed his first recording contract with HUSH Records (currently HUSH and Orpheus Productions, and produced with his partner Louis Perkins (L.P.) Arizona’s first local rap album, Time Has Come (THC), Phoenix Funk released June 1996. There were 11 songs and all were performed by himself and Perkins. The album cover features a silhouette of both their faces in the background. After the album was released, THC performed at a number of venues across Arizona from 1994 thru 1998, opening for MC Eiht, Coolio, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Mack 10, Ice Cube and Outkast to name a few. These venues are reflected in Chauncey’s “Performance Experience” as a Performing Artist.

While passing out flyers in 1998 to an upcoming event, L.P. was murdered. Due to the strong gang affiliation and violent incidents occurring in Arizona, Chauncey decided to relocate in 2000 to Las Vegas, Nevada and raise his kids, putting his music dream on hold. He couldn’t finish out the contract alone and had no income or resources capable of legally handling his music career. L.P.‘s death had a major impact on Chauncey’s progress to further his talent. Between 2002 and 2004, he returned periodically to Arizona, where his family still resided. During his visit in August 2004, he attended a venue at The Nile Theater in Mesa, AZ. The audience was entirely gang affiliated, which again lead to a violent and deadly gun fight. This time not only was Chauncey physically affected but the life that was lost was Eugene Jacobs (Jake), his youngest siblings’ father, who was working as the DJ that night.

In 2008, Chauncey produced a demo cd with music compilations created by a neighbor, Carlos. Unmastered, the 8 song album was a glimpse of re-living his dream as a Performing Artist with a successful music career. After moving two years ago from North Las Vegas to Green Valley (Paradise), he realized either he learns the program or his dream prolonged again.

He has been writing rap lyrics since he was 8 (eight) years old. As a child he was raised by his grandmother, whom also had a gift for music. Two years ago, he met a woman who had faith in his talent and they created a make-shift studio, consisting of a MIDI keyboard from the pawn shop, a $20 music program, Goodwill speakers and a receiver. Of course, the equipment was upgraded and not only did he continue writing but now created beats from scratch to rap to.

After mastering his production software, creating hundreds of songs (created new songs weekly), Chauncey Sweet AKA GREENUMZ, is ready to release his solo debut album. His style is unique and his lyrics are definitely a conversation piece.

During his twelve years in Las Vegas, he has acquired a skill trade and worked for a Surveying contractor, which he enjoyed. Also he worked for a professional moving company and ended his construction experience after completing the First DECAGON cage for a MMA Client. Due to his necessity to learn all areas of being a musician, if he was to progress his song writing talent alone, he had to start at the beat.

Currently he has songs on uploaded from THC-Time Has Come 1996 Album. Also some of his 2009-2010 songs and videos he independently created/produced but not publicly, outside of YouTube viewers, family and friends. Included in his resume of Performance Experience are over 10 (ten) venues/concerts that THC performed as an opening act for known artists during 1994 – 1998 across Arizona. Phoenix Funk sold over 7,000 copies nationwide in 1998. Unfortunately, due to legal issues, the credits issued to the “Performer” known as T.H.C. is actually Chauncey Sweet.

Currently registered with BMI from July 1, 2012 through December 31, 2014.

GENRE: Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Club Dance, Bass Music

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(1996 Album Phoenix Funk)
ROVI Music ID #MW0000185954
AMG POP ID #R 274902
UPC Barcode: 023158660322
WAPI: 106643711

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Danielle LaMothe
Las Vegas, NV 89123