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The Accused

The Accused™ - Historical Biography (2012)

The Accused formed in 1981 on Whidbey Island, Washington USA. The group that started out as little

more than an outlet for three angry punk rock adolescents full of youthful rebellion and creative energy,

went on to become one of the most influental bands ever in the world of heavy underground rock


As pioneers of what later became known as "crossover" music, The Accused were fusing hardcore punk's

hyper-nihilism with the teeth and claws of heavy metal as far back as the early 1980's. Dually inspired

by an infatuation with 'splatter flicks'--(a sub-genre of low-budget, ultra-bloody horror films), The

Accused labeled their music 'Splatter Rock' in 1984.

Likewise, in a none-too-subtle ode to Iron Maiden's "Eddie", The Accused created a band mascot named

"Martha Splatterhead"--a female zombie vigiallante--who's ghoulish image was created by The Accused

guitarist and founder, Tommy Niemeyer. Martha Splatterhead's character has been graphically portayed

by many well-known artists over the years, commissioned by the band for album covers, gig flyers and

tour merchandise. A comic book with 14 artists contributing to its creation was published in the late

1990's and is a very sought-after collectible by the hardcore legions.

Throughout the late 1980's and '90's The Accused toured much of Europe and North America with their

powerful live performances and a steady flow of album releases. Occasional rock history got carved in

stone when The Accused shared a bill with bands such as D.R.I, C.O.C. Bad Brains, GBH or The

Melvins, always bringing to the stage an energy and authentic passion audiences had never seen or

heard before. Their studio recordings--many out-of-print and highly collectible--are each an unholy

creation not of this earth. Buzzsaw guitars ripping through speed-of-light, stop-and-go beats, while

metallic hardcore blasts of noise no more than 2 minutes in duration are narrated by vocal outbursts

akin to the aural result of torturing a small animal via paper shredder.

During their 3-decade career, The Accused affected thousands of fans; inspiring some to start bands of

their own. Like Lamb of God vocalist Randall Blythe, who grew up listening to The Accused. Along

with Blythe, bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Municipal Waste and Converge have sighted The Accused

as a group that inspired them to create something amazing of their own.

Over thirty years later, there is still an occasional blip on the radar from The Accused; a new song here;

a music video there; a surprise live appearance in some dark alley somewhere. Like a zombie that gets

plugged with bullet after bullet but still doesn't drop; could it be that The Accused just CANNOT be

-- Written by:
(2012 David Mogen; Splatter Rock Know-It-All)