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The Bolsheviks

With a smell The Glove sleeve image redolent of an era when asking Woolies for a 7-inch Vibrators single would have provoked baffled outrage, The Bolsheviks fly the flag for gritty punk and oi! In particular the thrilling moment when the canvey Island delta ripped up the blueprints of R&B and supercharged everything with maximum attack like Eddy And The Hotrods and (10 years later) The screaming blue Messiahs. S the ferociously tight “Pyro” sees them slamming and spinning on a dime, the singer barking and snarling. “Take Me To The River” is a peek into an intriguing alternative universe where a scissor kicking Al Green performs a maniacal pogo and “Dingo” squeezes in some Thin Lizzy esque twin guitar wailing, proving the Viks are no year zero punks, intent on torching all that went before. Its bracingly good stuff.
(Kid pensioner

UPSTARTER /USA« Aggrolites Kick Off US TourThe Bolsheviks - Action Reaction
(c) 2009 Red Square Records

Here’s a headline: Bristol’s Bolsheviks’ Bring It! … “Ok”, you say, “smart guy”. “What is it that these Bolsheviks are bringing?” Well sir, it’s the muthafukin’ rock and roll for one and for two refer to number one. Seriously though, Action Reaction, the new CD from The Bolsheviks is hard to place but hard to put down at the same time. It is an eclectic mix of sound. I hear flashes of spacial sounding guitars ala Voivod and hard driving bass lines akin to Hogan’s Heroes. Hell they even remind me a bit of the Cadillac Tramps on track 6 “Stole My Name”. With all that is a crazy mash up of haunted house psychobilly grooves and an undeniable mod rock Clash factor. Though in all fairness I have no idea if these blokes ever listened to either of those bands, I do know there is a bit o’ psycho in ‘em. The Bolsheviks formed in 2005 from the remnants of bands such as Lux, Rout and Misdormeanour. The wide-ranging prior influences of the collective memebers comes together for what works out to be a damn good CD. Apparently the band forewent any digital recording on the CD and went full analog. This decision lends well to the rather basement dwelling / garage haunting vibe that Action Reaction is all about. 11 tracks that combine punk, rock, psycho and and a strong retro vibe. If you can find them on this side of the pond, by all means do. Otherwise I suggest packin’ up the fam and moving to jolly ol’ England to catch some of this.

–Jerry Actually

(Red Square)
Old Bristol punks deliver the goods.
When these long-running punks split recently, it proved to be so brief that it made TSOL's hiatus look like a few decades in the wilderness. But hey, we'd have missed the old buggers if they'd stayed away. And the same goes for the Bolsheviks! This new album on their own Red Square imprint is darned good. The predominant influence on a lot of these 11 tracks seems to be old school NY punk, with plenty of nods to R&B (in the old sense) and the spirit of the Clash is never too far away. Crunchy funky closer 'The Need' is the stand out track, but there's no filler here.
Shane Baldwin
- The Big Cheese (18 Jul 2009)

With a new album, the killer 'Action Reaction' due out April 3rd and a lenght UK tour that will last well into 2010 The Bolsheviks are a band to look out for over the next year.
White beard - Satan Radio 666 (10 Apr 2009)
White beard - Satan Radio 666 (10 Apr 2009)

All Access Magazine

Eleven generous helpings from The United Kingdom’s underground music scene, The Bolsheviks. The album kicks off with, “Wild West”. A fast punk rockabilly style that seems to poke fun at the west and east ongoing conflict, with enough hooks to catch a great white! Track 4, “Plastic Fantastic” was written (oddly enough) about credit cards. Did this band know something before us? Track 9 is a personal favorite of mine. “Take me To The River”, this track gives us an insight to where the band maybe heading with the use of synths in a very small dosage. The last track, “The Need” is more metal, than punk, think Rage Against The Machine and you will get the picture