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The Bootyholes

Nominated for the 2011 Most Hilarious Comedy Songs by the LA Comedy Awards, The Bootyholes are exploding!
This funk, punk, hip hop, dance & comedy band is taint tingling & prostate stimulating! Named after the lil hole in ya behind, this crazy band will blow more than ya mind! You will find yourself dancing, singing, laughing & jerking ya schlong along!

Hear Songs Free including Dookie Dick, The Taint Song, My Boss is Crazy (Mi Jefa Esta Loca) Washy Washy, Magic Balls, Doggy Licky Pussy & More at

Sex pistols, Buzzcocks, The Dickies, Butthole Surfers, Hole.... and now, THE BOOTYHOLES!

GENRE: Punk, Funk & Hip Hop, Electro-funk, Dance & did I mention, Funk?
CATEGORY: Comedy, Music, Party
WARNING: Don’t listen if ya gotta heart condition.

Ginger is the singer/songwriter for The Bootyholes, a brand new band that’s already making history as one of the most unusual & outrageous bands in musical history. Her nomination for the 2011 Funniest Songs sets her apart from bands. Taking the entertainment world by surprise, Ginger’s breaking all the rules & kicking down doors that have never been opened before. Raising a lot more than just eyebrows, she’s redefining music, by combining genres for the first time in musical history.

Her lyrics rock & are sure to shock the king of shock radio & media himself, Howard Stern. She warns those with heart conditions to say away from her songs. She encourages all others to sing along with The Bootyholes, as they start brand new revolution, so get out ya lotion!

This complex mysterious Ivy League grad is in a league of her own. This lil’ country gal has been writing & recording squeaky clean & educational songs for almost 10 years. Her clean as a whistle alter ego has been featured countless times on television & radio shows, as well as in numerous magazines, including XXL Magazine, the biggest hip hop magazine in the world.

PG7000 – Music Composer, Producer, Arranger & Performer
PG, a critically acclaimed one man band, plays guitar, bass, keys & funky drum machine.