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The Circuit Riders

Yep, they're getting the band back together. The Circuit Riders, a weirdo indie-folk group partially responsible for the formation of Friendly Psychics Music, have gotten back together for the first time in seven years. Their forthcoming album "An Arm and a Legacy" contains all the tried and true acoustic guitars and fantastical, tongue-twisting lyrics and vocals, but adds bass, piano, and inifinitely higher production values than the band's boombox-recorded past.

Songs like "Smashed Laps," "Language as a Second English" and "Treble Tape" prove that the band, which has contained over 50 members in the past, still has the weirdly catchy indie-folk vibe down pat. And no, they're not a gospel-country act from Alabama, regardless of what the voices in your head are telling you.

All the members contribute lyrics and titles, but for the most part the same roles hold true as they have over the Circuit Riders dozens of other releases. Featuring members of Dishwater Psychics, Bullet Gastino and Wicked Immigrant