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The Conditionz

Bob's quick "Conditionz Biography"

"We were playing these 3 chord songs that sort sounded like The
Rolling Stones and The Ramones eating each other up. The Audiences
were jumping around and throwing beer on us, really having a good
time! We could hardly play!" Jon Jacobs talking about early
Conditionz shows.

Bassist Jon Jacobs and Lead Vocalist Bob Nye met in high school in the
mid 70's. They had a mutual love for all things Alice Cooper, Mott the
Hoople and Led Zeppelin. They went to their first concert together in
1977, Kiss at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino, California.
Afterwards they looked at each other and thought "Wouldn't it be cool
to play onstage in a band." They resigned themselves that they would
never be that good . "We never thought we could write songs!" said
Jacobs. Five years later after finding out what they didn't want to
do with their lives Bob Nye showed up at Jon's apartment with a bass
guitar and said," You have 2 weeks to learn to play this because we're
going to start a band called The Conditionz. I've got some songs and
we are already booking shows." Jon thought that was amazing since the
band didn't have a lead guitarist or a drummer. Jon heard a kid
playing Ted Nugent song in his garage down the street. He thought " Ok
that will work". Enter Aaron Neilson. He liked playing loud and
hanging upside down from streetlights. Audition complete, he was in.
Bob Nye met Jim Werner in his Jazz improv class. He wasn't a very good
drummer, but wore really cool clothes. He was hired. Thus were born
the Conditionz.

Bob Nye had heard the Sex Pistols "Never mind the Bullocks" and fell
in love. Bob wrote a bunch of simple 3 chord songs and shared them
with the band. They began playing the early So Cal punk scene and
found a receptive audience that loved their music. " It was too
easy!"! Laughed Jacobs. One night at a show they saw Steve Arti
playing drums in another band. He played like Ringo only he pounded
his snare and ride cymbals into pieces. Jon and Bob told him that he
was now in The Conditionz. They promised Steve they were going to be
rich and famous! Steve didn't buy it but joined anyway. The Conditionz
were off to the races! In 1983 they released "She's so Suburban/
House Divided " 7 inch single in 1983. Touring started to become
national, tracks on low pay and miserable accommodations but he crowds
in the clubs loved them In 1985 they released their first album "Weird
America" on Primal Lunch Records. This was followed by the raucous
"Cream Soda Throw Rug" LP in 1987. "I was partying way too much and
hit the wall so I quit" said Jacobs. Steve Arti also left at this
point stating he "wanted to teach before he died." Bob and Aaron
soldiered on through 1988s "Head" and 1990s" Pushing up Daisies" LPs
with various Bass players and Drummers. MTV even took notice around
this time and began playing Conditionz videos on The 120 Minutes show.
Alas, Aaron decided he had had enough after a close but no cigar
courtship from Geffen Records. Bob Nye carried the Conditionz banner
through the '90s with a succession of lineups that included the "Kings
of the Whole Wide World "LP in 1993. Steve Arti returned to pound
drums for the 1997 "All Day Sucker" release. In 2003 The Conditionz
played a one off show with Aaron returning on monster lead guitar.

In 2012 The Conditionz planned a return to the stage with the original
seminal line up; Jon Jacobs on bass, Bob Nye on lead vocals, Aaron
Neilson on lead guitar and Steve Arti on Drums. Sadly Jacobs was
suddenly diagnosed with cancer and died before the shows began.
Determined to carry on The Conditionz grabbed Bob Vennum of The
Belrays to fill out bass duties. So here we go, garage rock at its
best. The Conditionz, coming to a riot near you!

Founded 1982
Release Date 1982
Genre Punk Garage rock and roll, Power Pop


Bob Nye ,Vocals guitar
Aaron Nielson, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jon Jacobs, Bass ,Vocals
Steve Arti, Drums, Hugs

Contributing Artists:

Keith Hawkins
Ian Peterson
Robert Vennum
Jim Werner
Mark Lewis
Ken Robidoux
Jeff Ziegenbein

Dirty Work
Allen Offord

Hometown Riverside California
Record Label Primal Lunch Records
General Manager Gregg Gazaway
Influences Beatles ,Rolling Stones CCR, Who,Kinks,Sex Pistols Ramones, Johnny Thunders,Buck Owens, X, Black Flag

Contact Info


Press Contact Gregg Gazaway 951-255-4052, Bob,951-743-8775

Booking Agent Primal Booking, 951-255-4052, 951-743-8775

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