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United States - Michigan

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The Definition

The Definition is a band that ignores the confines of a specific genre and is confident that their blend of rock, hip-hop and classical music is exactly what the music world needs right now.

The band's energetic front man is Martin Malota aka MOLA1. He weaves between storytelling and confident battle raps and adds a bit of singing to his performance. He has unbelievable stage presence, incredible lyrics and passionate delivery, making a case for himself as one of the best rappers you’ll ever hear.

The electric cello player, Jeff Ehrinpreis aka Pri$e is known as the one and only musician of his kind. Price manages to make impossible melodies with his sweet string music and also rock as hard as any guitarist as he bounces from wah-wah to distortion pedals, plucking and bowing his way through their songs.

The drummer, Derek Buford aka Bama is a consummate professional and is known throughout the city as arguably the best drummer in town. Bama brings hard hitting beats to the group as he balances his jazz influenced transitions and his penchant for beating his drums in to submission every night.

On the bass is Kamau. The meaning of his name (Quiet Warrior) lends itself perfectly to his style. He's not flashy or boastful, but rock solid and can't let you escape without feeling struck by his style. His excellence was recently noted as he was recently nominated for a Detroit Music Award.

“The Definition is not the meaning, meaning it’s not the reason we named the group after a theme on the spot, but rather when we’re on top there ain’t a question. Mark the start of the beginning, call the D on the block The Definition.”